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  1. You would also have to take alts into account. This might reduce the number of 'players' dramatically.
  2. 48k would be total accounts. 30k would be actives who have collected skulls
  3. Oh. How do you know Rikki?
  4. Im sure theres plenty of people tied for the same rank.
  5. Hi I'm new here I'm wanting to know how do I get a good build? I don't want to put random things in so I'm asking you cause my Allie? Didn't tell me a thing
  6. It really all depends on what kind of build you want. You can do whatever kind of build you want :)
  7. For starters build some forges (base on what I mostly heard) or you can go straight to make the build you want to choose.
    Attack, hansel, pure spy, and hybrid is the three main builds (I don't know others).

    - Attack has more attack buildings (workshop, stable, forges) than spy guilds (guilds).
    - Hansel has more spy buildings (guilds) than attack buildings
    - Hybrid has equal attack and spy buildings and they shouldn't be below 25% of your unlocked lands.
    - Pure Spy has all spy buildings.

    Edit: Note that I hadn't tell all of the kinds of builds but you can also change your build :) there's a guide in forums for it.
  8. Can someone revamp the thread which talks about s4 in detail..maybe the original post be devs..
    Since i wasnt there when s4 happened..so If i read the thread i might know what s5 will be like & how should i prepare for it..Ty :)

    Also If Some Old Player willing to help more..U can Pm me & Teach me about what all happens during season & how can i try to stay at top..
  9. Seasons come when the debs say the do, best way to stay on top of the collection for each season is to do every war you possibly can (without getting shattered sword)

    As for guiding you on how to, just follow your war commanders instructions and you'll be fine.
  10. Can a developer or moderator please tell me if I am allowed to use 2 of my own accounts in 1 ee war or if it is not allowed in this game?
  11. I'm not a moderator but I can tell you that yes you may use 2 accounts to do ee. You cannot however use one account to benefit another in ee wars. This means realistically you should aim for the same clan in primal/round wars or a different bracket in indi wars to avoid being matched against yourself.
  12. Can we open 250 lands in pc or thats a joke?
  13. It's a joke. Only 100 lands are available.
  14. How do you increase your ally plunder the most effeciently? Im going hansel so i need to know...
  15. Buying lots of spy buildings (they give the best ally plunder) and making sure you have enough allies to be max plunder. More buildings tend to have better better ally plunder, e.g. 2 sos level 1 is better than 1 sos level 2
  16. Does an EB plunder bonus affect all drops at the end of an EB? Asked another way, does the plunder bonus from EE, Crux chests, and event plunder spells increase the drop chance of equipment and the drop rate of event items (e.g., Bandit Shivs)? Thanks in advance.
  17. Only EE will increase chances of drops the others only will increase plunder
  18. Does resetting wipe achievements?
  19. No