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  1. Actually 49 sos lvl with 1-3 hf attk building is the most common
  2. i have a question, and that question is........ where is the bloody bathrolm?
  3. Me noob need help follow or wall :D
  4. @Dyl we keep it to the left.

    @Colt I've followed :)
  5. What does necro bump mean?
  6. Posting on an old and dead thread to bump it back up to active topics.
  7. When do you unlock 5t on what highland
  8. What do you mean? Last hoarfrost costs 1 tril. There is not one land or building that costs 5 tril
  9. Oh maybe you mean t5. It's been so long I don't remember. Check wulfs building guide
  10. I believe it's 4 highlands.. I know I have t5, and most I've ever explored was 6 highlands. But yeah check wulfs build guide.
  11. If you mean tier 5 buildings for Highlands, you unlock them once you first stumble upon the Highlands.
  12. Thanks. I can't figure out how to link it from iOS. I know from home it's Forums -> Forums -> Strategy -> buildings and land
  13. Buildings and Land
  14. I knew where it was, just couldn't figure out how to link it for the person that needed help. So in case the link is lost, he knows where it is.
  15. Right, two links and a step by step, so he should be able to find it :p
  16. How many miths can you purchase until youll have to wait?
  17. 36 daily* cut off