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Discussion in 'Questions/Feedback' started by CoS-Dillybar, Dec 14, 2009.

  1. Lol, for BFA to make a difference it would cost far far too much. Equipment is much better than allies.
  2. BFE is easier to get yes, but you get more bonus from allies than you do equip
  3. Not really. A tril in allies will still get you less than some pieces of equip will
  4. Wrong rikki. Bfe throws bfa out the water.
  5. Well regular cs blows both outa the water mango^
  6. Of course Midnight, but you are limited in regular cs to how many lands you have (with the total obviously being 74)
  7. Regular cs also drops as you use up your bars so dits irrelevant to the whole equation.
  8. I just received 5 different flag cloth things after finishing an eb...? What are these used for and how do I use them?
  9. They are used for upgrading the banners you'll need the following
    Banner cloth
    Banner metal
    Bronze bar
    You'll need to also go to the Mage (unlocked at castle level 3[unlocked after 12 highlands are purchased])
  10. Does an eb drop those^ AND eggs?

    Under T6?
  11. Someone post 'war #5 from goofy' on the wall of the first post on my wall
  12. Do you have any tips on running a clan please reply
  13. Go look at the threads in the Clans and Alliances section of the forum
  14. what is sh and shs and how is it related to ee? anything else i need to know about ee since season 2 if i wanted to join an ee clan?
  15. It's shadow hansle
    48 SOS level 1rest up to you
    You basically earn loads of money and they don't plunder much
  16. You can have less than 48 SOS to be a SH.
  17. True Emeth but a pure SH has 48 SoS with 1 attack building, which is what he was referring to