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Discussion in 'Questions/Feedback' started by CoS-Dillybar, Dec 14, 2009.

  1. I need to know for plunder was is SOS better or guild building
  2. SoS lvl 1 is plundering better for now.
  3. Anyone have ss of the pride threads they could send me on that 3rd party app as I missed em?
  4. They were graveyarded before anyone could SS them
  5. Are SHs good gold makers like GHs were? Or should I go with COEs?
  6. SH are good gold makers, not as good as GH but good.
  7. I heard they dropped regular plunder for GHs also
  8. How come i enchanted an equipment to level 3 and its not enchanted now
  9. Chances are you failed in an enchantment and it reset
  10. You probably failed an enchantment afterwards. If you fail one, it can just fail or it may also go down a few levels.
  11. in which platform was kaw first played on?
  12. From what I understand, kaw was first released for iOS then it was ported to PC, then android, then kindle. I'm not sure about windows phone
  13. Planning to finish my alt as a kinda tri-hansel. Is it more efficient to have troop buildings on LLs, HLs, or HFs?
  14. Most efficient is a single CoE
  15. But then I struggle to hit higher EBs, and I'd rather not have to use pots so much.
  16. bfe op. i use a beastary
  17. Ugh I hate equip hunting :(
  18. Buy a lot of allies