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Discussion in 'Questions/Feedback' started by CoS-Dillybar, Dec 14, 2009.

  1. Very important question/ Can someone hire my allies.
  2. Someone can but will they? This isn't an advertisement thread
  3. If you want allies sold ask wc or go find an osw and get stripped.
  4. What's quickest way to boost my spy defence ???? With out items I am in highlands and have quite a bit of money
  5. Spy defence towers. They're cheap as all hell now
  6. Well the price of T5 just got halved so is go with them.
  7. Highland towers are cheaper for stat than Hf, and LL ones arent worth it.
  8. Max amount o land u can get
  9. Why do the devs have to make the abyssle sword from fod so hard to get. I have done fod over 200 times and still nothing. I have done fod and done all phases plus god mode and still got nothing. I think the devs are a little stupid with the drop and need to give it out more
  10. @ Deathreaper

    I have had similar frustration in acquiring desired equipment. I can tell you my opinion on drops.

    • Xtals increase your chances: Some say that is false, but most of my equipment came when I dropped some blue on the EB.

    • Moving around from clan-to-clan sometimes helps: I had gone into a clan, unloaded 1 or 2 times and scored some equipment. Don't know why...but it happened.

    Best of luck.
  11. If I had to guess, I'd imagine the items drop on a similar algorithm to fangs/moths. Thus, max xtal and all items and getting thousands of actions will be better, but less efficient than say spreading those xtals and using 2 per eb etc.

    If you can afford 6 per, go ahead tho.

    I'm really just guessing tho.
  12. Don't waste money on xstal way I used 6 xstals on tsg and got nothing !!!!!
  13. Skimming bars helps increase drops
  14. Drops are random...keep trying folks 
  15. Mighty, why do you expect to get anything from 1 wb for using crystals? Its not like gold that you get it if you put in a full load of actions. There is still a chance you wont get it.

    Its not going to be handed to you on a plate, do some work for it and realize its taken people well over 100 of an eb to get their drops.
  16. Indeed slayer, but they are still favored to those with more actions/plunder.

    Almost like its random, but increases with actions, then seems to cap off (like I said about spamming xtals not being most efficient) almost like an exponential function.