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  1. Phoenix, I just checked your clan's history for the past day of HTE's. I never saw an egg drop. I'm on iOS though
  2. How might I go about complaining that when a legendary thread got bumped, posts asking for this to NOT be locked after the bump were deleted and the thread locked, without the mod owning up?
  3. What ever happened to Bakugon Brawlers? I know they were like a LB clan back in '10/'11.
  4. Phil's Pwar thread you mean? Just tell me, I tend to handle these issues :lol:

    Actually, any of the forum mods are good to talk to, normally it's a in game mod that locks them
  5. I bet these dragon eggs are almost like seals where you need them to unlock a part of the EB... The next scrag EB 
  6. Without knowing about them, they likely disbanded. With some exceptions, clans change a lot through the years and many split, disband or move.
  7. How do you build SH?
  8. Drop buildngs. Build 49 lvl 1 sos, a couple elven temples and build up your attack bfa
  9. Why only level 1?
  10. It pays the most for you, pays the least to the enemy and is the cheapest
  11. If I upgraded all strong hold on low land how much plunder would I lose
  12. As far as I know there is no set amount that plunder drops. It can be a bit different for everyone.
  13. Ceasefire. If two clans or two players get into a war or fight A ceasefire is mutual agreement to end the war or fight.
  14. I have:
    23 Max SoS
    1 Max Coe
    15 l2 Vol
    12 l1 Something Trees (ice spy)

    Should I upgrade vols to lv 3 or HLBC?

    Or do you suggest doing something else?
  15. Upgrade vols