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Discussion in 'Questions/Feedback' started by CoS-Dillybar, Dec 14, 2009.

  1. No, emojis have a two character value.
  2. Not all emojis take up 2 spaces. Some take up one.
  3. i have 5.8b in allies, is that good enough for me?
  4. Hit an EB and check ally plunder bonus. Then hire another and check again. If it goes up, you need more, if not you're fine.
  5. How do you reset an account password
  6. Here's a real stumper hopefully. I am hansel with my attack building(cursed foundry) sitting on LL. When I try to hit the higher tier ebs I have to use pots(granted). If I remove the cursed foundry from LL and put up a hatchery in HL would I still need to use pots for the higher tier ebs? If so then if I built a blood barracks on HF instead would I need to use pots on higher tier ebs? I am trying to keep in mind that I want to have the highest spy stats I can while having an attack building that doesn't need to use pots on higher tier ebs. I'm not sure if that's even possible with just one attack building so just let me know your thoughts. Doesn't really bother me that I have to use pots on higher tier ebs but just thinking about some alternatives.
  7. "Ambrosius", as a hansel without big static attack strength, there is no way to avoid the need for pots on higher tier EBs. If you want to stop using pots, I recommend you get some static through either BFE or BFA.
  8. Yes I agree. I tend to like balance buildings as the give me more hits and I'm a hansel. However I hit haunting easily as my equipment give me a raw 50mil attack stat increase.
  9. Bfe and BFA is important to a hansel hitting the larger ebs without pots. As res said, you will always be weaker than attack build counterparts
  10. I am always seeing people complain about the sh exploit in ee wars. Can someone please explain what the exploit is and how it affects so many wars? Thanks
  11. Sh are hansels with only SOs lvl 1 buildings. This makes them small and pay less to larger builds but they win on larger builds and earn massive plunder, skewing the wars in their favor.
  12. So it's similar to a GH?
  13. It's the same. Just a little more stats.
  14. Yes, it is playing with the same mechanisms as the GH.

    Guild hansels got nerfed after season 2, the plunder of guilds lvl4 got weakened and SoS lvl1s overtook them plunderwise. I would assume that the hit range for guilds got lowered too, but not 100% sure on that.

    SH also rely on the increased hit range of SoS vs guilds, so that they are able to hit much larger accounts (and get high plunder per hit, while giving almost none away). In order to succeed those hits (and to increase their hit range), they rely on heavy BFE and BFA.
  15. So basically sh exploit the system by losing less gold to attacks and gaining more gold per attack/steal because they have lower stats?
  16. Yes, which the devs are testing changes for in this week's wars.
  17. Ok. Thanks for all your replies :)
  18. So I'm making a new account and I want to volley money to the account, what's the best type of ally to volley and how high should I go to have the ally sell fast?
  19. Also how much does T6 Lv 5 SDT and DT drop plunder by?