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Discussion in 'Questions/Feedback' started by CoS-Dillybar, Dec 14, 2009.

  1. Damn it Willy... Why do you have such intelligence? Well whats my post count then smart ***
  2. How many battle wins is needed to get on BL LB?
  3. At least 200k i think
  4. Can someone on pc bump fluffles hansel guide?
  5. Bumped.
  6. Why does my account say couldn't contact tech tree
  7. Because the tech tree in avatar was on fire and it's about to fall down.
  8. Wen do u get rancor equip exactly? Ik at end of season but wen?
  9. Sometime during the week it ends, not sure of the date.
  10. Wot is awarded for feathers
  11. Nobody knows yet. Some mystery prizes probably equipment, aqua, inferno, seals of the damned, horns of calydor, just teh usual stuff :D
  12. What happen to the-Arabian-peninsula-wolf?
    (I think thats close to his name anyhow he was like top ten ally lb and he is gone now)
  13. Hes in some zaft clan the hunt is on!
  14. Well I know that but who strip him or wtf happen?
  15. Is my build cometely useless for chaos wars? Told all around that I have a crap build but I'm building towards an osw build rather than an EE build so what yall think?
  16. Without a lot of towers, any build is bad for EE.
  17. How do you switch the account from your old phone to your new phone
  18. Factory reset your old phone, log into your account on your new home and bam transferred
  19. No don't do that. Just delink your current devices KaW account, then just log into the new one with your ATA ID. Only do that I'd you get a message saying to many accounts have been linked to this device.