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Discussion in 'Questions/Feedback' started by CoS-Dillybar, Dec 14, 2009.

  1. I have not received my aqua and inferno from the moth event yet. Do Android users not get them. And where is the mage on the Android
  2. Perhaps you didn't get enough moths
  3. Suntzu, you will first need to unlock the mage by upgrading your castle to lvl3 (you'll need highland 12) to discover your infernos and aquas.
  4. By the way you still have them, you just won't be able to see until you've upgraded.
  5. Where is the best place to put adt and sdt (ll, HL, or hf)?
  6. HF is what I usually recommend, it takes up less space so you have more plunder generating buildings.
  7. If I reset, what happens to my owner? Do they still lose out, or did they change it?
  8. They lose as much gold as they would if they dropped you. It has not changed and may not ever change.

    So always make sure you warn an owner you like before you reset if you're not a cheap little alt. other wise they may not be very happy (then again if you're like me you'd reset just to see them rage )
  9. If you reset then the owner gets back partial money
  10. Why did I lose my banners? I had all three and now I only have one. WTF.
  11. What is the most desirable ee war build? Besides sh.
  12. Heavy attack builds with SDT tend to do well in plunder and mith. But this all depends on your clan strategy. A clan with too many attack builds will be decimated by a heavy spy clan, so be sure to coordinate with your host war clan prior to starting the war.
  13. does regular warbeast drop seals still???
  14. does regular warbeast drop seals still???
  15. As far as I know yes, but it's random and very rare. So don't except to get a drop on your first warbeasts :)
  16. Which eb drops the most inferno/aqua? And which clans do it
  17. This may be wrong.. But I believe HTE drops the best aqua/inferno. It's definitely the fastest eb done to get it. A lot of clans do HTE, most require that you have a seal of the damned to visit though.
  18. HTE has been dropping a lot lately, also best way to find a clan for it is by posting in WC.
  19. I'm currently stats: 108k attack 72k defense, and 37,800 spy attack and defense. At these stats which eb's should I be doing for the most money earned?