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  1. Hansel is a mostly spy build.
    You can look at mine for an example.
    My build is now called a shadow hansel, because I have SOSs.
    Guild hansels have mostly guilds.
  2. A tank is a player with heavy attack/defence stats and usualy is very hard to win against in their own domain
  3. Off system war. It got the name when clans were able to declare war on other clans. It's basicly one or more clans farming another clan/group of clans
  4. Depends on your play style. If you are a major player in an osw, and warring against a good clan, you'll have 20% troops and 0% spies constantly. Also, lack of gold, pots, and allies, as those will all be taken from you
  5. Has anyone FINNALLY forged the SS eqp as yet? Still dying to know their stats at lvl 5
  6. I haven't heard of anyone.
  7. What's the amount of scouts you get usually get in for 1 regen?
  8. 4 every 5 minutes
  9. Who's Balto?
  10. He's the guy the mops the bathroom floors after "misses" and "accidents". :lol: jk
  11. How much time is left in the Ice Moth Hunt event?
  12. Approximately 21 hours.
  13. Thought it was over the 6th
  14. I'll try asking again...
    I'm converting G3 to SOS 3. So far I have 3 SOS 3, one SOS 2, and 18 G3. My bfa drops 200k each SOS purchase or ug. How many G/SOS conversions do I need before bfa starts to come back up? And how many till I have recovered from the under drop?
  15. G3? At about half way it starts to go back up.
  16. What about the dumb relic thing? Explain
  17. If you're concerned about plunder stay at SOS lvl 1. If you want to take the plunder dip, get them all to level three and never stay at lvl 2. Your plunder should start going up 2/3 the way through.