How many fountains did you get?

Discussion in 'Questions/Feedback' started by Cobra, Jul 9, 2015.

  1. 5k. No xtals, seals, or spells. 1.5k from last pvp blitz & 3.5k from 90% eb rotation, 10% hte.
  2. 1.5k no items only unloading like 3 times each day
  3. Nice!
  4. More like 40% HTE but HTE drops pretty bad
  5. 4000 fountains. Didn't really try though. Got 500 during last pvp blitz last 5 hours. I recommend the pvp blitz for a quick fountain boost . All alts got 2.5k, mostly due to hte, but one got their because of eb rotation so no complaints here. Overall good event and more bang for my buck! Still waiting for S5! *moonface*
  6. same, different reason though. 1200 fountains
  7. 2k on all accounts. Not many HTE, and without PVP winnings
  8. You realize we can see your eb history right?
  9. I'm at 1120 at the moment. *blushes ashamed* Very busy month for me so haven't really been active. So obviously, I didn't spend any money on this event either.
  10. What's a pvp blitz? o_O
  11. 6k but yeah pretty much will be locked soon lol
  12. 3250 didn't xtal
  13. 700 on this alt in a few days, main got 2.9k
  14. I didn't get **** cause that's what the event was...
  15. 1343, mostly from the pvp events lol.