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  1. * A struggle is heard behind the curtains *

    WillyTheDeuce enters dragging a dweebish looking man in an Armani suit, with what little white hair he has left strung across his bald spot. He is handcuffed, and has tape over his mouth.

    Willy throws him to the floor, and places a silver briefcase on the floor. On the briefcase there is a button he presses, and machine like noises are heard...

    BOOM! The briefcase explodes into a sofa!


    He grabs the old man, and throws him on the sofa, and replaces the handcuffs to the arm of the chair, then forcefully removes the tape from his mouth. *RRRRRRRIPPPPP*

    Man: "Owwwwwweeeeeeeee!"

    Willy: "Ladies and gentlemen, I have kidnapped this lawyer, and dragged him here to explain to all of you noobs questioning the age restrictions."

    *Willy unsheathes a massive chrome 9mm pistol from his jacket, and points it at the lawyers head.*

    Willy: "Talk."

    Lawyer: "Regardless of the version of the TOU you see here in KAW, the age limit/restrictions are set BY APPLE ALONE. So, if you visit the app store, you will see that the current age range is set to 9 plus. The TOU that exists currently is wrong, and needs to be updated."

    Willy: *shoots a bullet 1mm wide of the lawyers head, ricocheting the bullet all over the studio*

    Lawyer: "....oh oh and WillyTheDeuce will not be charged in my kidnapping, as I am not pressing charges."

    Willy: *kicks lawyer off his couch, and it retracts back into a briefcase, and leaves, to a thunderous applause*

  2. *Shoots Willy* Yeah I did something! *Proceeds to help willy* Sorry bout that *Runs iinto shadow realm* Adios!
  3. Phil: Welcome back to the phil it up show!
    Our next person we have invited here is RainbowNinjaKat
    Phil: RainbowNinjaKat? I forgot, he was silenced.
  4. Me. KaW Leader....
    Use the apology thread, the other thread n this thread.
    You my dear, are par excellence
  5. But he's not silenced anymore. 
  6. RainbowNinjaKat...
  7. Hilarious, brilliant guys 
  8. Thank you JB.

    KaWLeader is brilliant. Makes me laugh Soo much.

    This thread is a way for me to cool off.
    Sorry Jayde.
  9. I'm not silenced anymore but how'd you know to begin with? Lol
  10. Oh wait... That's cuz I know you kaw-leader... Lmfao
  11. Hahaha! This was funny. I don't understand who the players and stuff are, but the ads are awesome.

    Oh and us Australians never drink fosters
  12. Best part of this thread was when Don/Proph and Jayde came in and stomped out the claims that it wasn't sexual harassment.

    On ya' Jayde, you've always stuck to your guns and you did it again.

    Male - that crap you said to Don, all respect lost...
  13. I apologised to Don in PM.
    He knows his stuff on SH alright.

    Respect Don
  14. *cheesy music*
    Phil: Welcome back to the phil it up show! Here I have CrimsonStar.
    CrimsonStar: Thanks for having me.
    Phil: You're welcome. Is it true that you are the most overpriced guy.
    CrimsonStar: Not technically. I am a girl.
    Phil: Not that again...
    CrimsonStar: What?? It is true you know.
    Phil: Um... Commercial break.
  15. Hahahahahaha Well done KawLeader :)
  16. When am I on? 
  17. The Goat's Milk bath n red rose petals, Amphora Jars, are the scene in Cleopatra starring Richard Chamberlain and Eva Gardner.

    The ad during the film was Pond's Cold Cream.

    Will always remember that scene. Oil lamps burning n Soldiers in Loin Cloth, hand maidens in those short white tunics. And Eva Gardner saying something in Perfect English to someone.