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  1. I agree , people cheating ruined this once great game and the devs do nothing about it..... the people who cheated just never really learnt how to play the game and survive and we all know who you are 
  2. Well nah the game isn't quite ruined yet. There's still fun to be had. Unless you find fun in climbing the leaderboards...

    I'm still enjoying it.

    As for numbers of hackers, it's unknown, The numbers are still small, like I said they share it too friends only and they don't want everyone doing it.
  3. Pfftt. Stop being pessimistic fghhgg. You bs'ed that. And the 75k nob is definitely not true. 75,000 nob would make people a lot stronger then they are now. If someone said there were hackers, they were either outright lying to you, or they heard it from someone who heard it from someone who heard it from another dude, etc. There's no proof of players hacking, or at least that much. You're underestimating the amount of work players do, or the amount of money people SPEND to get that nob.
  4. Klzeek, you fail at math? Whatever if you want to discuss it make another thread, let's not derail this one, this one has redeeming features.
  5. Actually I'm very good at math. And lets not. 
  6. My mark for all TimE

    and boomy I apologize for this.....


    Yes tthat's right

  7. For all you new players reading this, If you missed BoomBoom, you missed the bestest thread maker evar! And the smexiest! :D
  8. To me this is a very Fun game i respect many people including BoomBoom who is amazing this forum is a genius idea and im very glad she made it my main take on the Game is: Amazing and addicing I really enjoy the clan system and meeting new and friendly people I hope they make clan wars in the future and other cooler UnThinkible Updates I'm very looking forward to knowing me I'll probably still be playing Obsessively and helping younger players
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  9. Bump for Charlemagne. 
  10. "Shagwell, shagwell by name, shag very well by reputation." 
  11. I must say the game is a great passtime, weather on break from work, after school, or just casual gameplay to pass a few minutes. KaW rules. 
  12. Good game.
    I'm in the 
  13. Hi,

    I am Truz97 :D I have a stickied guide in the strategy section. lol

  14. BoomBoom Is my babeh!
  15. Hello future KaWions CHATTACHATCHAT that's is what I would like u to remember and I love this game!
  16. Hi! I just witnessed the bloodiest war on April 5 2010! It was awesome and yet felt sad cuz Im on eof those ppl who got stripped and pimmed to death! Fear KaW World War 1!! With Hollow and NA on the front lines with its strong allies! Im one ofthem!

    By the time you read this, I am already a KaW WW1 war veteran! (The victory clan will be written in the hystory of KaW so no need to tell you who won)
  17. Hello future KaW players! As you can guess I'm going to tell you about my time on KaW. 

    First off, I joined the game clueless and asked for advice on world chat. Not my best move; I got lots of advice, but about half of it was bad, and some I knew were bad from the start, so I made sure to double or even triple check my advice.

    After my advice, I joined a clan. I looked for days, and I finally joined the one I thought was the "good guys" and the best for me. Did I mention I joined during the Great War? (first Fox vs IG war) So it seemed obvious to me that Fox was the good guys and would help me a lot. I joined Fox. At first, Gamehendge (currently Game) was nurturing and asked me if I wanted to stay with them after the war. I didn't know there was a war, so I found out and then I said that I would. I didn't suffer in the war, and didn't know how to attack anyone based on clans (searching for targets on Pal or Forum or looking for roster in Forum and then searching to attack) so nothing affected me in the war. After the war, I bought an ally, seems like a small and average move, but this ally was extraordinary and just joined the game. His name was Zaln. I decided to recruit him to Fox. He joined and moved up in ranks quickly. However, the good days of Fox didn't stay forever, as noted in Robert Frost's poem "Nothing Gold Can Stay" (amazing poem if you ever want to read it, short and sweet, but with a deep message that can be interpreted in many ways.) I left Fox because I was told by an IG that Fox was created purely to destroy IG, which is wrong. So I left Fox. I was really loyal to Fox (and trash talking Pro-Fox) so I felt betrayed and went on my Anti-Foxism rant. I tried to expose the truth of Fox (their farm list and their reason of creation) I wasn't the only one who thought this way, and I brought many people to not like Fox. I want to tale this oportunity to apologize (again) for my Anti-Foxism rant which was uncalled for.

    When I left Fox, Gamehendge said that he would wish me the best of luck wherever I go. I decided to make my own clan, the Ghost Guild after about an hour of my clan existing, I saw another new clan with a good leader. It was Hot Rocks. Their leader was Mynameiskyle (then Catcheum, and now is KyleBrowning.) We decided to merge. Our clans were formed at about the same time, so we had about 5 members all together. We decided to merge and form Midnight. We recruited people and became strong after a while. I made many friends along the way, including Nelle, Irin, Mynameiskyle, and many many others. After a short disagreement between Mynameiskyle and I where he declared war on the Patriots, one of my faxkrite clans that there was an agreement with. So I straightened it out and suggested an election (based on the Patriots' election). We decided on this and during the election Mynameiskyle was winning, but then he left and joined another clan. I won by default and planned for a new start to Midnight with a proper goodbye to our beloved coleader. However, Mynameiskyle decided to come back to Midnight because he only left because he had a "mental breakdown" and "was drunk"(even though he was only 13-14 at the time) because his girlfriend dumped him. He came back and asked for another election. I agreed to it. However, this time Mynameiskyle won.  Mynameiskyle took control of the clan, but a few weeks later, he got his iPod taken away because his grades were bad and left the clan to Nelle, Irin, and me. (Nelle was technically an honorary member because she was QQ but she was always there for us.) At the point where Mynameiskyle got his iPod taken way, we slowly started falling in power. Without a definite leader, we fell apart without a face of the clan and we basically became a social group. Eventually though, Mynameiskyle cane back and reclaimed power, but we never regained our full power. After so long, I thought enough was enough and I contacted Mynameiskyle and said that we either need to overhaul or clan's government or disband because this just isn't working. I never thought Mynameiskyle would disband our clan, bur he did. Army of Anubis said they would take any of our members if they wanted to join so sometimes it was called a "merge" but in reality many of us went clanless. Irin joined Patriots, Mynameiskyle went to Army of Anubis, Nelle went to QQ, and after weighing my options, I creates my own clan, The Leagues.

    The Leagues had a unique government structure. There was a league of 6 members who make up the government of the clan. Here is an example of the roster of the Delian League.
    • Athenian
    • Delain Leaguer
    • Delian Leaguer
    • Delain Leaguer
    • Delian Leaguer
    • Founder

      The Athenian is the leader of the Delian League, but the Founder is the face of the clan and head of diplomacy. He always has the final say in diplomacy. He also breaks ties in votes. If a quick decision is needed, the Founder makes it, if not on then the Athenian will make the decision.

      If 10 people are unhappy with the clan's government they may form a Pelopinnesian League which is made up of 5 members, one being the Spartan, the Peliponnesian League equivalent of the Athenian. Ex.
      • Spartan
      • Peloponnesian Leaguer
      • Peloponnesian Leaguer
      • Peloponnesian Leaguer
      • Peloponnesian Leaguer

        The Peloponnesian League may take control by pinning (providing screenshots) or getting the Delian League to surrender. They then become the Delian League, with the Spartan becoming the Athenian. Existing Delain Leaguers can become Delian Leaguers. The Founder always stays in the Delian League. Olympians are invite only, kind of the elitest (power or loyalty) of the clan, hand picked by the Founder.

        This isn't meant to be about clans, so I'll get on with my story. A few days after I founded The Leagues, the Devs said anyone who created their clan before the first of the month could get into the clan system for free. I created my clan on the third. I still got in for free though . It took a while fir membership to pick up. For a while, we were stuck at about 20 members with mostly Helots (less than 12k combined atk/def less than 6k spy combined.) I had to really push for activity and recruiting. I even cut Delian Leaguers for inactivity. When I made DeathZone a Delian Leaguer, I found a very loyal leader he attempted to recruit and got 5-10 members to our clan. (DeathZone has recently been MIA though) Membership requests are starting to pick up a little bit by now. When I made Scat an Olympian I found by FAR my most loyal member. He constantly updated me on what he was doing for the clan and asking questions about the clan and constantly trying to improve it. He made the final push to get us up to the member cap at 100. He brought in 2-3 requests a day. He accepted requests daily. A key component in our clan's young history. When KyleBrowning (Mynameiskyle) joined my clan I was really happy. I was glad to have some fellow Midnighters in my clan. As of now, I am preparing for the vsvs war. (people seem to forget , but we're here [even though we are the underdogs])  FTW!!!

        One more thing: Somewhere along the way, I started spamming forums with purple, trash talking for Fox (while is was with them,) against them, for Midnight, against FSU, against Modern Republic (because they both said they were stronger than Midnight while I was doing my power list.) I was just overall being a jerk, and somewhere along the way became the Most Hated Player in KaW (according to one if my many polls) and I came to a reality check. I needed to try and turn this around. Slowly but surely I started to regain my reputation. I have tried to apologize to individuals who I have insulted, but have never apologized publicly (not that I can remember anyway [minus Anti-Foxism.]) So I am going to take this oportunity to apologize publicly. So I am sorry and truly have changed.

        -Tuesday, April 6, 2010

        (I think this thread was made because we won't be here when this is "opened", but don't worry I'll be here, don't celebrate yet!)


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  19. Lmfao arwen!!! I was the same LOL