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  1. Leaving my mark for future players.

    My name is Gaea, I am the Mother of Life. I aim to help those embrace and experience all there is. My children, seeds of life itself, forever bound to limitless possibility.
  2. Time capsule: anyone remember Mork The Dork From Ork ?
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  3. I do!
  4. Man, what a trip down memory lane
  5. I don't play much anymore but I have so many great memories from kaw. Miss and respect all my old AoW and Sparta Elite people. Jambern,afreeman212, smokey, Baron,Green giant,Nikki,Peps,Jazzy,dirty bunny,OdirtyNickles,Cat-astrophy,Sixof66,Reb. CoS was my first clan and Apoc was a great friend. Fought BH many times and King-of-Terror was my nemesis for a long time. Watching Harb go dtw to steals in like 5 mins was epic. Did EE with Cows and Hogs and remember using doodle to sign up for wars. The rise of the GH,then the SH. Still think AoW vs. BH thread is the best OSW thread of all time lol. Respect for all the OG Spartans and KOTFE who taught me how to OSW. I could go on forever. Keep collecting noob tears my fellow warriors.
  6. I wonder if I previously commented on this thread before.

    Anyway, just posting here to prove that I existed at some point in time.
  7. Corn!!? I don't recall eating corn!
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  8. What you need to know...



  9. Look up my name, my epic post on Hog and OG declaring war.
    You want to step into kaw history? I joined the game OSW against plunder war clans and pinning their OSFs during their plunder wars.
    I’m retired now. Just reading new kaw forums now. All you kids and your flashy gadgets now 🤔
    When I started Kaw I had to walk uphill to school both ways without gadgets. 🫣
  10. I’m famous
  11. Glory to ASW