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  1. OK!

    Who here are real guys!?

    Who really know their guy stuff?

    Who wants to compete in a trivia game where a picture will be posted with a question and you can flex ur superior knowledge?!

    *Ladies can play too.. It'd be fun to see you kick the guys butt..

    Basically, if I get 5 different supports below, the game will start (and I'll start posting)..

    We'll go fast.. May be 7 pics this round (whatever.. We play however long)

    Are you in!!??
  2. 
  3. are the typical ashes pics? ;)

    if so, im in.
  4. SUPPORT!!!!
  5. One moar! Muddy hawk is just lurking lol
  6. Support 
  7. Supppppooorrrttt
  8. Support
  9. Post the time when the picture will come while you're at it ;)

  10. In the picture above.. What does she want you to eat?

    OK DO NOT GET BANNED.. please keep it funny and cool
  11. A cucumber !!
  12. bacon cheeseburger

    oh wait. funny answers. um....her ******?
  13. Chongos banana?
  14. Portobello mushroom melt from Wendy's