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  1. iOS / certain emoji give “error UNKOWN RESULT” if you try to post in forum example: grimace emoji...
  2. Quite often on pc or android i have issue with forum search. Something along the lines with "cannot use at this time". Been happening for months
  3. I had that problem on an alt. Got the error message "Too many requested" popping up when trying to enchant the lowest level of the gloves. On all newest Kaw versions.

    Strangely, the bug just went away without any explanation. 2 tickets opened without any advice on how to fix it, might have been fixed by support on that account whithout telling me though.
  4. This is same for me
  5. Ongoing issue on android when going to read PM's keeps telling me session expired and to re log in.
  6. Not sure if posted already too lazy to read all replies.

    iOS//Crash when I️ attempt any action on an EB
    iOS//Crash whenever I️ try to open my profile

    Uninstall/reinstalled didn’t work. Updated didn’t work.
  7. Got it fixed
  8. Still can't upgrade the new gloves from last event. Devs said they'd fix it today but their work day is almost over and no sign of it.
  9. If they cared they would have made a post informing us they got problems,but as usual its to much to ask from them take a minute and do so.
  10. Can't write on walls ,ca,tried reboot etc ,nothing works I'm on a droid
  11. I have to many bugs to list and they have been brought up here already I don’t they care at all anymore seems obvious
  12. All ATA staff are concentrating on KoH n its realm overhaul next week n its world wide release,have your wallets ready when it is released.
  13. iOS / LB isn’t updating

    UPDATE: bug fixed... SPLAT!!
  14. Happened two weeks ago too. Same on android.
  15. Bump so people posting other threads on bug reports stop feeling special and consolidate here.
  16. okay so you make all go on a device me being ipad for me cant read pms cant see friends have duplicates in inventory please bring back the pc cause clearly cant fix ipad or ios update pc please and make kaw great again across all platforms
  17. iOS / transmute not working fully

    Not all equip that should be “Transmutable Items” are available to transmute example: can’t transmute Silverknight Gauntlets (maxed lvl 10) from last event


    Silver Gladius (current event) that’s unwanted as higher level equip will be dropped, unless it’s been stopped on purpose? before could transmute at any time equip dropping mid the current event even before the event ended.

    Neither are equipped both should be ‘available’ to transmute.

    UPDATE: bug fixed... SPLAT!!

    UPDATE: December 5 2017 - this still isn’t working properly delay now is two events worth of equipment not just current event.

    UPDATE: bug finally fixed... SPLAT!! December 7
  18. Ajax bro there’s so many transmutable pieces of equip that are not in the Mage to b transmuted. It’s ridiculous. Devs make such a big deal of this new feature and then can’t b bothered to get it working properly. Then hide behind “not all equip is transmutable at this time but will b in the future” balls!!!!
  19. All of my items in pot page are doubled, not the item but it lists 2 of each item
  20. Still no fix with the wall post issue,not a word from devs.to much to ask i guess.