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  1. Facades showing up tradable but can’t be submitted?
  2. iOS / No silver bars etc in market place. Have updated with no change.
  3. Collection items is actually overlaid over battle stats.

    UD - delete and reinstall fixed both issues.
  4. When I click on someone's items the app closes
  5. iOS / now I have 2 of everything in market place after reinstall
  6. Android. If i go 4 or more hours without hitting eb, i click on active eb to hit and it says error. Fixed by forced reset. Not a fix really.
  7. Going to showcase and I click ALL to see individual inventory and KaW closes
  8. Nk isn't available yet iOS/android/PC
  9. Cannot post on wall when im press post nothing happen
  10. UPDATE: new ver 2.28 iOS fixes bug... SPLAT!!
  11. iOS laggy startup
  12. Mine is also laggy

    Victory token icon graphic not displaying in profile page
  13. Very good initiative, Ajax.
    Thought someone should try to make bug list (a bit like Killzone's request compendium) when I experienced the latest "items disappearing bug" and refreshed the forum daily for a dev statement on that issue...

    Got a strange iOS bug myself that I can't explain for quite some time: no copy/paste of pms on my iPad compared to the the iOS iPhone app version. Might be a permanent "works as designed " feature though...
  14. iOS / WC abuse report not working

    UPDATE: works in CC/AC now and on wall posts but not in WC

    UPDATE: this function is being developed still and has been temporarily suspended in WC December 5 2017

    iOS / granite hand/foot description wrong
  15. Cant change clan chat topic on Android. Brings up post to wall instead, and a post tab that does not work.
  16. Bug after bug after bug. Wth Devs. Game has gone to utter sh**. Really beginning to wind me up!!! Sort this out.
  17. I’ve been asking the Devs to fix my gloves and moonstones for 5 days via feedback. Basically I can’t upgrade my gloves to the next tiers using the moonstones. Instead the moonstones appears as a charm w stats. They have totally ignored me. I’ve sent multiple feedback msgs and nothing back at all. Worse part is event is now over and I’m stuck w 14,000 moonstones and my gloves are stuck in the most basic tier. Really sad they’ve let the game deteriorate like this. I mean no feedback at all is just rude.
  18. My side quest disappeared an hour early. Maybe day light savings was not accounted for. Also all the items in my market show up twice. Thanks
  19. I believe it's a bug the pvp leaderboard items do not count for the main legend currently
  20. iOS / when u click on multiple legends history boxes they open but the date banner/bar(s) freeze and start to overlap