Happy 8TH Birthday KotFE

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  1. hurry lock THIS thread before another machine comes on and insists it's spelled "THAR"

    Q: Name one quality required to be a Kotfe lord

    (hint ...spelling is not one of them)

  2. Uhhh, congrats.
  3. Happy Birthday, proud to be part of the Kotfe family...
  4. Cheers to our buddies at kotfe 
  5. I’m happy to be part of such a family.
  6. Happy birthday KotFE! Had some great birthday events and proud to be part of an amazing group
  7. Happy Birthday all, To family past and present I raise a glass. Miss you lot no longer with us.
    Proud to be part of a legend

    ₭Ø₮₣Ɇ Ɇ₵Ⱡł₱₴Ɇ
  8. buncha hypocrites all warm and fuzzy about Zaft now 
  9. The more you babble on, the more I like these Transformers. All because of your ongoing stupidity and wee fart of an account.

  10. Ahh so you admit you're a slave to neurotic triggers like Michael the mod is eh? ...very unhealthy. Don't tell other people this. It would make it very easy to manipulate you 

  11. You must just drink straight out of sea, because you sound so salty.  I mean what does Michael the Mod have anything to do with your ongoing babbling?
  12. Mod Michael is mobbed up by kotfe.
  13. I feel like this anger has been building up for a while 
  14. I feel like this anger has been building up for a while [/quote]

    His mom took away his soother early and now he has trouble expressing himself. We all should feel sad for bacon and his lack of developed coping skills.
  15. HiT squad loser still butthurt because I made his HiT butt buddy diddler drop build and quit KAW ...sorry loser huma cry to Crystalee about it 

    Get her to beg me to stop being mean to you again lol
  16. James1985! I see you lurking I havnt kicked your ass in a long time 

    ...you still butthurt too? 

    So many ole skool Apoc losers ...still no RL eh losers?
  17. Can i have a cookie???
  18. Birthdays over get back to being irrelevant. As you were before.
  19. Well - happy birthday Enemy Mine. Have a great one 
  20. Todd is mad that he was farmed out of the game by a kotfe probie. He just can’t get past it. All he has left is to cry about it on forums whenever he gets the chance.