Happy 8TH Birthday KotFE

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  1. ....so much RP lol 
  2. Kotfe sucks, always has, always will :)

  3. Happy Birthday KotFE

  4. Been many a year going hard in the paint of bloodshed. Cheers to many more....I'll bring all the dERtY hors d'oeuvres.
  5. Its great here everyone having each other's back and caring for another let's keep it going.

  6. Happy bday boys. You’ve been in a lot of scuffles and made it out alive thats more than a lot of clans can say.
  7. I'm sold I want to join :)
  8. Happy Birthday KotFE 
  9. Happy B-day Kotfe.

    Happy KAW'ing 
  10. 8years and are fire is still burning strong!
  12. *whining

    and don't forget cheating :roll:
  13. Nightraid suck it up.
  14. Happy 8th Birthday KotFe Fam!

    Its my pleasure to be with u all..

    We dont Die!

    We Multiply!
  15. Happy Bday Kotfe
    You've acquired an impressive flock of meatshields.
    May you prosper and grow fat and never have to face another osw challenge in this war app. 
  16. “Only the strongest survive...” Ajax
  17. Happy birthday Kotfe
  18. I love you Jedi, but just have to point out that you both mispelled it. Would be they're = they are. Happy birthday fam.
  19. ffs no it wouldn't it's supposed to be "their" ...u machines sniffing glue over there?