Happy 8TH Birthday KotFE

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  1. Happy birthday KotFE. Wish you many more great years to come. Enjoyed my time there.
  2. Happy Birthday all! Enjoy the festivities!
  3. So proud to have been part of KOTFE. It is alcove knit bunch of friends who always have your 6. Happy Birthday.
  4. I'm offering free bodyshots for the next 8 days...back off Bob
  5. Echo spent about 2 years at kotfe pre OG alliance always been good people there happy to see kotfe reach the 8 year mark as a clan. Congrats to them and all there current members.

  6. It’s been a hell of a ride and I couldn’t be more proud of my KotFE family, sticking together through the ups and downs and kickin ass and takin names the whole damn time.

    Happy Birthday KotFE, hopefully many more to come!

    KotFE MaCHiNE Lord
  7. I think Battle list Wednesday should be an all round thing 

    The world of KaW is getting off light 

    And anyways which Kotfe clan we celebrating the birthday of?
  8. Can’t believe I have been a part of the KotFE family for more than 7 years now. From the very early start at Fire Emblem Academy this has truly been a great ride and I’m very proud of how strong of a group we continue to have after all this time. From our newest member to our oldest lord we have evolved as KAW has evolved to be one of if not the best family clans in all facets of this game. People from around the world come together to meet common goals, have fun, and strip.... To our alliances, we thank you for supporting our ways, to our enemies thank you as well for keeping this fun. Happy Birthday KotFE and many more!
  9. HAPPY B’Day!! ⊀ས།ᏀસŦร ๏ƒ ṭ̸સཇ 下།રཇ ☰ཀβᄂཇཀ
  10. Happy Birthday Kotfe. So proud to be part of the family for so long. KaW may one day die but you can count on one thing for sure...Kotfe will be their standing strong to the bitter end.
    So much love to my KaW family and respect to our enemies who fight hard and make it worth logging in every day. God knows you do a better job than the Devs in bringing me back every day.
    So much love
  11. Happy birthday 
  12. Super cool to see a clan last that long. Very cool!

    Happy birthday, KotFE!
  13. So to celebrate how original you all are you’re going to do ebs and copy what foxes/iG did 2 months ago...congrats I guess
  14. Happy Birthday :)
  15. Happy birthday to Kotfe. I have spent most of my years fighting against them. Kotfe has been a great enemy, and over the years many of them have become great friends as well. Respect for all the good times (and some of the bad).
  16. Happy birthday kotfe, have met many good fighters and people there 
  17. None of them still play an it's common knowledge Kotfe way more alts then people should say alot.