Chaos War Builds

Discussion in 'Wars' started by Zart, Nov 29, 2013.

  1. Adt increase my hit range and adp would just increase my payout, so I'll take making 20x what my payout is anyday in ee
  2. Does your build still work ???
  3. Id say start exsploring frost lands. They are cheap. Leave them open though. Convert your sos on hl to vol before building adt and sdt on frostlands
  4. Stupid sounding or not its a build that works
  5. Look around. You will see more and more hansels with larger than normal troop sizes
  6. Yes, But "Attack Heavy"? To be considered attack heavy you would have to have more attack stat than spy. Sorry for correcting just bothered me.
  7. The term you're looking for is spy heavy hybrid I believe.
  8. No its not. Im not talking about hybrids. Im talking about hansels with high attack power. Since troop buildings give a much higher cs boost you can have 25% troop buildings and a troop cs almost as big if not bigger than your spy stats
  9. And still fall under hansel mechs
  10. My build is pretty good just have no gold out and I'm fine :)
  11. Towered hybrid.
  12. Pure attack ! Because i rip Them apart
  13. Build like mine works perfectly
  14. Mines alright, 1.3m ADT, nearly 2m SDT. Attk mid.
    Still need more tower though
  15. Big spy like 7mcs and lots of sdt and about 1m atk with lots of adt
  16. GH

    Just because it makes the gh haters rage quit when they loose to a gh with dtw turned off
  17. 6m Attack 8m Defense 2m spy attack 4m spy defense