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  1. kinda defeats the purpose of an alt? if i would to go around telling people who i am. and i already spanked lsa back in the day in alittle osw. yall just scattered to 20 different clans till we got bored and just quit hitting. oh well let me know when you are down to 2 accounts on your farm list. dont want you to use that list as an excuse. i like to keep things fair. but i typed what i wanted to type. now ill get back to what i been doing.
  2. So let me get this right. we suck, we got our asses kicked, we play dead and we don't know how to PvP. Despite all this, you are still scared to show who your main is. Are you part of Aztec? Or are you part of an old Aztec clan who's now dead?

    I'm sorry for your hurt feelings, I'm sorry that your clan could never afford and never attempted to strip me during the war, I'm sorry that we left you so traumatised you talk on an alt. I'm sure someday you can move past these horrifying events and 1 day feel safe to post with a main again.
  4. Oh noes we haz a bad ass up in hurrrrr, up in hurrrrrt

  5. Seems we have 2 as you bumped a nearly year old thread
  6. Thanks man, I am pretty bad ass, always nice to meet a fan.
  7. I think you misunderstand sarcasm
  8. Can say the same for you.
  9. And you guys tried to say I am the one who was desperate for attention? Bumping this lol
  10. This will always deserve a necrobumb