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  1. Kotfe still sucks 
  3. [/quote]
  4. Kotfe still sux ...lock thread 
  5. Join my kotfe clan
  6. Join my kotfe clan

  7. I will if you ask one more time 
  8. Cant read my own posts for some reason so guess i posted twice.
    So join my kotfe clan lol
  10. thanks but I'm gonna start my own kotfe clan...

    ♨️⚜️The Ghosts Of Kotfe⚜️♨️

    ...now recruiting 
  11. Was great before Vix took over 
  12. And killed off the main clan
  13. Someone needs to fix the pictures or edit this.

  14. Agreed she's complete trash
  15. KotFE
  16. HAPPY BIRTHDAY KotFE! 8 years Wow!