CEDRIC59 STRIPPED OF 150B?!?!!!! WATCH OUT TFK

Discussion in 'Strategy' started by xGh0stx, Apr 9, 2010.

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  1. Scarlet your cherping yourself? Lol.
  2. completion leaderboard :)

    When you get to 1st place and reset, i'll congratz you, k?

    If anyone I know apologizes to you for me saying that, please tell me :).
  4. Scarlet needs to stop stripping cuz she's but azzz ugly and no one wants to see her. 

    and everyone knows she makes up most of whats she says anyway. I think shes playing from the Asylum.

    CrazyBzitchWooh hoooh - she's loco!
  5. PS - Skanklet I'm still waiting for my appology!
  6. At what I just said.
  7. Hansel, every comeback from you about LB is "get to #1 and reset" -.- dude maybe some people want to stay #1...
  8. An maybe some people have the balls to reset :p
  9. If you don't want to be stripped don't bank in allies. Simple as that, kaw is a game and if you take the risks of being stripped, don't complain.
  10. On a side note, I'd rather have screenshots of me holding a billion of each item rather than having that much in cash in allies. Max plunder and move on. If you can make enough money to earn that much of a stash, you can afford to use potions to break those silly ally spammers, and be able to instantly recover from strips either by the next day or post war.. :)
  11. Lol.. IG isn't scum for ****.
  12. Are Scarlets posts deleted on this thread or am I losing my mind?
  13. Damn, I used to be a loving little noob. How embarrassing.

  14. daT, nice. XD
  15. And yes Swabs, I believe so.

  16. When scarlet was banned all his posts were deleted, his forum account doesn't even exist anymore, I've been wierded out by many NAG threads like this, people responding to scarlet when he's not here
  17. Ninja Scar.

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Not open for further replies.