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    Who else is enjoying Imperial Stout (and high IBU IPA for the sweetie) in a beer hall with a wind surfer in the rafters!!

    We snowshoe climbed the Skypilot mountain today!.. No pics as it was all snow and fog all the way..

    But here's a shot at the top of the gondola..

    May be we'll go have a party on the boats later!!

    Jelly?.. Cheers!!! 
  2. Sooooo jelly Ashes!
  3. Beeeeeerrrr
  4. Wow, great pics.
  5. We're not drunk yet for boobies! 
  6. What harbour is that?
  7. Here ya go.

  8. She's a little chubby
  9. Go away
  10. Those aren't nice boobies :(

    They're fat lady boobies 
  11. Sounds fun ashes i am coming over
  12. And I just came a Little... But the only problem
    Is, I'm going to eat that, and be hungry again in a half hour
  13. Boobies.. more...boobies
  14. She isn't fat. :shock: :shock: :shock:
  15. yah froggy take away that pic of a real woman and bring back the fake airbrushed barbie dolls (sigh) gotta give realistic expectations to the preteens here (giggle)
  17. Face it boys.

    She's better than what your asses will ever pull.