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  1. hi blumpah and cyrus :D
  2. Weren't you sirsunset last time I saw you? :p I liked that name. But Cyrus is cool too.
  3. Lol I used a lot of names
  4. Hey guys

    Hey blumpy could u go to ur determine ur build thread and give me' feedback plz on my own creation
  5. Blumpy I thought you had/were going to deleate pal and kaw and move on?

    I'm just confused and glad that you changed you mind

    Also do you remember me at all? I want the truth it's okay if you don't
  6. Blumpy!!!!! My man!!!! How ya been??
  7. Weren't you gonna report me to the devs
  8. Lol bigest thread. Anyone had a bigger
  9. Does anyone like this poem

    Sitting in the dark
    Captured by the cold
    Captivated by the fear

    The stress that ways you down
    Day by day it becomes heavier 
    Sucking away your very essence 

    Until one day you are no more
    You have lived for nothing 
    And stood for nothing

    Life is meaningless for some
    And the most amazing for others
    Do we deserve it?

    The answer no one knows
    And no one will ever find
    The world is evil that is true 

    The only time we are the same
    Is when we r laid in the grave
    Where only the soil is our company

    Live life while it is still available
    And enjoy as much as you can
    For it does not last forever

    for those of you who suffer like myself
    Take heart for we will come out victorious 
    But we will never know if we do 

    The days they come and go
    But one thing is predictable 
    The darkness that night brings 
    And the eventuality of death
  10. No that was meant for blumpy
  11. Thats brill!!! U write poems often?
  12. I write story bio. Brb gonna write one
  13. No I wrote it at 2am last night I was feelin bad
  14. I dont write much. I prefer teaching myself songs on piano. Any songs you know which are like dont stop believing or hey there delilah?
  15. Name:angus
    I'm angus A strong boy i'm strong from living on a farm when I grew up and I life a hard life untill the war broke out I was seperated and became a loner with no friends I was dying from bordom
    untill I came across a beggar who had a good idea of the area I was in

    Wait Im thinking off writing a story!
  16. Sorry cut short cos need get back to clan chat
  17. I believe I can fly is a good one