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  1. mods: the breakfast club
  2. I won't, I'm sure it's pretty derogatory.

    Which leaves me no other option than

    -TROLL_MaCHiNE-: Biff Tannen from the "Back to the Future" movies.
  3. Chubby chaser: simple jack
  4. __CHUBBY:

    Monty Python and the Holy Grail
  5. This is probably the best one.
  6. Val = napoleon dynamite 
  7. AshesOfEden: lesbian vampire hunters.
  8. Alison: the crazy chick in misery.[​IMG]
  9. Balto is Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.
  10. AshesOfEden- A Serbian Film
  11. Freeze and appleseeds - breakin'-electric boogaloo

  12. Willy: Rocky Horror Picture Show.

    Specifically Dr. Frankenfurter
  13. Couldn't help with this one

    Harb: Gone in Sixty Seconds

    Now for entertainment

    Balto: Megamind
    Acetown: Paul Blart:Mall Cop
    Drgn/drgnblade/hook/inferno: Face Off
    Ashes and Willy: Life
  14. Harb - the dictator
  15. Ashesofeden - american pie
  16. How about making movie from my tittle ?
    Scary?humour?dramatic?fairy tales? Opps!!

    @butt sore ..
  17. Hawkisboss - the baby from "The Incredibles"
    Zaft - The Nazis in The Sound of Music
    Kotfe - Mary Poppins
  18. DirtyLarry: White Men Can't Jump

    Balto: Face/Off

    Harb: Wicker Man (substitute the bees for strips THE STRIPPPPS)

    Delphin: Delphin Tale

    Zeth: Fight Club (you know because I'm silenced and can't talk about fight club)