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  1. This is awesome Ashes!! Should of put Yarmes rampage when he silenced all the mods  but great thread looks great!
  2. The 6th pic is Yarmes..  I tried to have the imagery tell the story as much as the words.. Hehe
  3. Best of ! Without question.. Raised a smile and a wistful tear.. A KAW crippled thumbs up from me in my first ever post ;)
  4. I feel like i should be in the story... only because i asked first lol
  5. Wow I am honoured Dracon.. First post!..

    DubDub.. This is only the first chapter!
  6. Thread of the year. A work of art. Only problem is I'm much sexier than Bruce Willis.
  7. I am so sorry Frog.. I should have made you Jessica Alba instead..
  8. Did I survive, pride intact? I believe I did. Great thread Ashes
  9. I laughed
    I cried
    Well memed my friend


    Some constructive criticism, white text is hard to read in some areas
  10. 10/10

    I love when people actually portray aj like that 
  11. Nailed it... Love it...how much time did u spend on this?
    btw... When I'm not wielding a shovel, I'm blowing things up. See...

  12. ooooh i cant wait for the chapter im in 

    Till then 9.9/10
  13. Great job Ashes love love loved it
  14. That was awesome
  15. As long as I'm not the blue rajah I'm okay with this
  16.  classic
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.