 ZAFT/NA - That had to hurt 

Discussion in 'Strategy' started by M3AT_WHISTL3, Apr 17, 2010.

  1. I agree with grope just cause it's uber old doesn't mean it's not funny
  2. I remember the big deal when mw got his name changed a while back....eish i could find it
  3. Haha way to go mw what a champ.
  4. I love that no one bothered to check the date. This is why forums goes to crap. The only good threads were made over a year ago
  5. MH, this thread is the greatest thing since sliced bread. Calm your tits. I just remembered something funny and thought of this. It was worth the giggles IMO. Reason why this only had 3 original pages.
  6. LOL -- this was a classic.

    Used to be that you could clean someone out on a strip with a few dozen people and a few hours. We had an informer in NA that fed us info in exchange for us not kicking in their teeth -- I saw this strip attempt coming several hours out.

    The times have truly changed. Now we take bubble baths with Zaft every night and poor NA just gets left out.

  7. You are sexy
  8. Lolol I forgot about this
  9. Wow ages ago thing rofl.
  10. Those were the days  most of the noobs these days won't even remember new age or the days before plunder/system wars!