Support for more War only events

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  1. This is simply an attempt to seek warriors who want/need their war fix more often

    If u r not in the above this thread is not your concern meaning no support is not an option nor is this thread for trollers or revisiting past war seasons etc.

    This also is neither a competition against eb events nor pvp or to exclude ppl from KAW. It is for the war community to speak up and comment on their support for more war events.

    Pls state what u would like to see.
    Pick and choose or add your wishes.
    The following ideas r simply my collection from past experiences and other fellow warriors.

    1 Week
    2 Week
    1 Month

    2 TZ's for global coverage
    IWar or LL War or both
    Play when u can
    Knockout Tournament

    Roster sizes
    BFA/BFE on or off or weighted


    Let me add a twist....
    A lead up to the Weekend War tourney

    A combination of Accumulated war wins and actions/inc fails determine opt in tier. Xtals used in wars r mandatory to count towards winning of war tokens.

    Say in the weeks leading up to the tourney...

    0-5 wins entry to the Acolyte tier
    6-10 " entry to the Crusaders tier
    11 " entry to the Champions of the Realm
    -------each 200 actions/inc fails = to 1 win------
    War tourney tokens will be won and added to inventory to be used for opting into tiers.

     Rosters to be increased to 20 vs 20. 
     Rewards r higher for each higher tier 
    --Unique EQ for War only with a big punch--

    Additional rewards equal to all tiers is ALL Mithril EQ can get bonus level increases
    to help for future Mith Wars where as only Mith EQ will count for BFE. This is mainly to make Mith EQ & mith useful and relevant and reintroduced back into the mainstream.
  2. Once again...no support
  3. Did i say this is a terrible idea?
  4. This is stupid
  5. Now leave this thread n troll elsewhere.
  6. If they're gonna have Indy wars they need to change it off only having classic, makes it a headache for hansels
  7. Very true and this is where u can give your suggestions on that matter. THX
  8. Idk if you have noticed but hte events which run concurrent with war events are nob stop anymore...thus war events are nonstop....therefore this thread is moot because we always have war event running. Disagreeing isnt trolling. Just a useless thread.

  9. Someone ban this turd
  10. I'll throw support here, the major problem is the rewards offered for pvp weekends which I would like to see improved, no one needs mithril, the pvp spell is irrelevant as once the weekend is over everyone goes to eb bashing.
    The only thing left is a few thousand extra event items, which makes it not even worth doing.
    I would love to see a pvp event (1 week duration) no eb rewards, just a pvp event with good rewards for a change, it's been to long since the last one...

    Also never really liked the word "warriors" I like a good osw n pvp, but im not a warrior, how can you be a warrior taping your thumb on a game, a warrior is our vets and our men and women currently serving, a warrior is someone fighting cancer , I could go on n on, it's just something that amuses me when i here that word used.

    Anyway Support
  11. No support. I don't think complicating things makes stuff better.
  12. This was a war game before Epic battles came out. If anything the game has been complicated already with the addition of EB's. I say this will bring back a but of enjoyment to be honest
  13. You can make 3k items and get 2xtals in 2 days. If your in a lotl/asof/goth clan that paces ebs at say 9 hours a piece, you get 1k-max of those items but have 2-4-6hours to hit another eb in the rotation. That puts you at less than 1.3k items in upwards to 14-18 hour period/3 days worth (this is not appicable to bc players coz 130hits=max drops in eb. Ps. I am a 60-65mcs hansel). If i join pvp at 1:00-3:00 on a saturday, i can make upwards to 16 docs in about 10hours (1.6k items). Usually by monday @12 i have atleast 32 docs. Thats about 30hours spread across 3days... and i rarely recieve hits. This can be drastically improved(doc count) if somehow you end up in a clan that cast ally fleets
  14. Support, b2b war events please. But as Rikki said please bring back the other types of indi besides just classic.
  15. I completely support. The more we push war events the more people will want to war. And right now there are maybe a couple hundred warriors out there. Most accounts that war are alts.
  16. Pointlessly.. yama cannot understand .. yama no support
  17. War events already run as constantly as eb events... But you don't need to hit ebs, purely doing war event will get you top static eb tier as well.
  18. This is true but this thread is not a comparison with current events. Its designed to get more stand alone war only events. General idea is say 1 tourney every month or 2. If that is possible then its onto the format/rewards etc.

    My motive is to make wars prominent and entice more ppl to war. IMO events r OK but EB's still hold a heavy advantage in game play. I see a heavy imbalance needing adjustment. Others might say OSW and PvP need similar attention idk.

    War that offers small n mids higher incentives if realistic would be beneficial IMO. Higher tiers can still war for substantial rewards. Creativity is what is needed and more opportunity.
  19. Rogue one Bruh why u so gud at dis m8 :) is it cuz u suk at war? Maybeeeeeee