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  1. The history posted by -Bad Ass Mercs- of why all these clans joined the fight is missing a few facts. Here is the story:
    When this war started over those comments stated earlier the owner of WiG went to JHO after BaM left IG alliance and became Warlor alliance. He was hit by BaM so he went back to WiG and started hitting them. Bam called in their new alliance Warlor and it was Warlor and Bam vs. JHO and WiG.
    WiG pulled out of the war at this point leaving Warlor and Bam vs JHO. At this point some members of TH went to JHO to fight against Bam because of those comments made, requesting an apology to Lord over the comments.

    This went on awhile then Wolf from Bam hit into RPL breaking the CF between them and bringing RPL into the fight.
    TH was then moved from JHO to RPL and SR sent people to RPL to assist their efforts. to assist them in the fight. So at this point it was the clans JHO and RPL against Warlor and BaM.
    After a day the entire clans of Silver and -War Machine- were called into the bam side of the war so at this point it was the clans WaR/Silver/Warlor/Bam vs JHO and RPL.
    Following this it was brought to our attention that an apology had been made by Bella to Lord which he has accepted for the comments with our reason for joining the war accomplished we mutually agreed that RPL would pull out along with the members that were assisting RPL.

    JHO was given the option to cease fire and end the war also but have chosen to stay fighting for other reasons.
  2. C-od has the only correct version of the way this played out. JHO never had 4 clans on BAM but if it makes them feel better about the 5 on 1 now taking place, then they may lie all they want. Much respect to TH for stepping up for family and RPL for fighting along side us after your cf was broken. To all in JHO I've never been prouder of the way you all are continuing to fight against these ridiculous odds. Much love and respect JHO.
  3. Nicely put co-d
  4. I fought in this war, it is brutal like a ghost chilli.

    The funds and the warriors are always in favour of the bigs but one day even the bigs fall.

    Much respect to all clans

  5. Lmao is all I got to say
  6. Unbelievable, but I agree with blackhand guy, lol.
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