S5 - APPLY for initial INTERVIEW

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  1. S5 has been released in a radical way.
    30 warrior full roster
    My WALL begins your journey...
    FUN is PRIORITY n 0 tolerance for:
    - No XTALS for war
    - No Shows unacceptable
    - earn a roster spot from Preseason trials
    - quality n reliability of warriors is foremost
    - TANKS/Hybrids/Hansels may apply
    - Towers enquiry thru pm
    - we take our FUN seriously
    - unity n teamwork

    More updates as more is known.

    Clan Cry to War

    We war til FOES wear out fists in vain
    We'll feel no pain n rise up again
    Our spirits soar we r dragons bane
    Forging ahead alongside fellow brethren
    Warring together thru hell to heaven
    Us 30 we stand united n stout
    War is what we r all about
    The battlefield is where we prove our mettle
    The clash of war consumes 2hrs to settle
    War has ended on the moons last light
    Time to heal n prepare for our next fight

    - Ode to our Lords n Ladies

    Whether FRIEND or FOE GL n Enjoy
  2. Reserved for ongoing Updates


    We r currently recruiting veteran trackers.
    If thats u n fully committed WALL me

    Ty n GL
  3. R u serious about war n need a home?
    Check us out
  4. Preseason trials for potential Warriors will be available.
    Final Roster TBD once all S5 info is known.
    Much to do, lots of time before S5 begins.
  5. Support to NightHawk.
  6. Support ! this will stop those for moaning they never get a chance at warring with a clan hopefully see more people taking on potential warriors too.
  7. No allies either. 
  8. I'm busy on this summer weekend too busy to to really care right now but if I'd have an Allie I'd be at mp
    Fraud you at mp?
  9. You care enough to check the forums. How about man up and cast for the pvp event?
  10. Lol derp frog!! just bought a new ally 
    Nah man to busy for this money wasting event good luck tho finishing mediocre tho fraud
  11. Chubbs likes talking a lot but does crap. Butthurt over being stripped doesn't become you. 
  12. Lots of interest for S5 lol.
  13. The cool strategy Chubbs has to avoid mediocrity is to avoid EE wars, events, or even hitting back in OSW. Tell us the last noteworthy thing you did in kaw besides posting "no support".
  14. He did hit me few days ago to be fair... was like little ickle tickles
  15. What does any of this have to do with the thread?
  16. Support 
  17. UPDATE:

    We might consider running a roster in Round war slots. A precursor to S5 trial.

    Aim is to have a lil fun n try out warriors n ideas.
    - Training Camp 
    If that gets any traction n maybe other clans toss a roster in we can see what happens.
    The ONLY way this would be worth a try is no LB/SH rosters r entered. Nothing against those clans but exploring the data produced would say much.