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  1. What did they run from? And insulting the English is the same as insulting a Brit, they are one of us. The same as if I was to insult a Texan or whatever I would also still be insulting an American.

  2. This is clearly meant as an insult towards the queen. Implying nations and military powers would ignore their sovereign and is clearly disrespectful. Unless you consider ignoring the queens direct mandate to be a totally polite thing to do.

    Not that this ridiculous scenario would ever happen. The intent to insult is clear within the message.

    And yes innocent civilians fled from a bunch of terrorists ( call them any other thing you wish. They are terrorists ) that went geared up to attack innocent civilian men women and children at a sporting event and in the streets.
    The thugs on all sides are no better than any other terror group. When you attack civilians it is the ultimate display of cowardice.
  3. Ok...so scots are english? Anyway...they was scared by russians. English men used to be brave in the past. Now not so much... Is not true that there's many muslims areas in UK where english people don't dare to go? Is that a sign of bravery? You can find on YouTube videos about muslims gatherings where people ar shouting "Great Britain go to hell!" In your own country! What those brave englishmen did? Absolutely nothing. These are not insults...are just facts.
  4. Your hoolies was chanting anti-russian songs in the pubs, russians wasn't very happy about that and they went for them. At the beginning of the match, those "innocent civilians" booed russian anthem. Well...russians think it's offensive to boo their anthem. Maybe for you is hard to understand considering that "Great Britain go to hell!" is perfectly acceptable. Anyway...as I said. I acting like champs, running like girls.
  5. No scots are not English but they are both Brits and an insult against one group is an insult to Britain as a nation. Muslim no go areas, I hear about such a thing in England, I've also heard it's the same in France and Germany, but the part of the UK I'm from doesn't have these no go areas.
  6. Boo a rival at a sports event. Omg. That's so equivalent to training and sending a semi professional bunch of terrorists that only go to fight to a football match.
    They were not there for the sport.
    They went for the violence.
    They attacked elderly people and families.
    They are terrorsists.
    And you defend them on a public forum.

    Why am I not surprised considering your banner.

    Posting public support for terror groups that clearly went with the intention to murder or maim civilians.
  7. that's what you think almost every Englishmsn I've talked to thinks y'all ain't nothing but baggage that can't pay your own way 
  8. The existence of "no go areas" is not a sign of weakness of local population? And yes...you are right. There's muslims no go areas in France, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany. In France it's even worse than in UK. In France even police is going on no go areas only on armored vehicles. But the difference is that you can see many dutch, French, belgians or germans bragging about how badasses they are.
  9. @Nightiwing... The "terror group" on my banner has nothing to do with russian ultras.

    Anyway if your comment would come from an american I couldn't understand if he'd amazed about sport violence. But if it's comming from an english I find it funny as long as actually you guys invented the sport violence. You had the first hooligans. We, the rest of Europe are just humble followers. But now others became better at your own game and English hooligans are just has-beens who are crying like girls about sport violence.
    About the kids who attended the game, only an insane parent would take his kid at a football game after 3 days of intensive street fights.
  10. Really. Not the image you portray.
  11. I'm not russian. Therefore my ultra brigade can't be russian. Logic.
  12. The ultras are not exclusive to Russia.
    You are defending their actions whilst mocking the English.
  13. The example of innocent people and families fleeing from organised hooligan groups is not a representation of if the English are brave or not. It's just a ridiculous thing to even claim. It is about as ridiculous as claiming Americans are cowards because people hid in the bathrooms in Orlando.
  14. One was walking for 5 minutes holding a bottle of wine in an almost deserted area and nothing happened to him. No go areas don't exist. Myth busted. There's no such thing as sharia patrols in UK.
  15. Now that's quite enough derailment.
    That's how you come across.
    Don't like it.
    Change the attitude towards supporting acts of violence.
    Support it and mock people.
    Expect people to not be impressed.
    Simple logic.
    I'm off thread now. But thanks for helping me reach a decision.
  16. Ok...so russian supporters was all hooligans while on english side was only families with children. No hooligans to stand their ground and fight.
  17. I'm sure there were some hooligans there but there would be no logic in them fighting. Sometimes fleeing is the smarter thing to do than just standing and fighting. I think the exact same thing would of happened if it was english hooligans who done that to Russian supporters. The thing I find funniest is your example to why English people are cowards is because football fans refused to engage in criminal activities.
  18. Or maybe those 'insane' parents had tickets booked in advance so they could give their kids an experience of a European championship.
  19. I've walked round Woolwich I even stopped to ask people for directions and they were all quite friendly