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  1. Seriously? A greater roll in the eu? Cam'moron went to the eu to try and get next to nothing in concessions he was laughed at and got nothing. How can you say change things from within in when cam'moron couldn't get this next to nothing in concessions
  2. Swans he actually got some decent things from the Eu the uk isn't part of the euro and won't need to help with that and we aren't tied to the Idea of ever closer union. It's not everything wanted but those aren't bad things.
  3. Tbh I think the Australians would I've worked with their army and they hate the yanks more than the British lol
  4. He sounds like a right scumbag. Another good reason to get out and build our walls
  5. @nat who is a scumbag ?
  6. Vlad don't insult our loverly Queen when you came into and been living in uk for over a year from your european country.
  7. Hilarious how many EU folks are on about america in a thread that has nothing to do with america. Yall couldnt be on the states nuts any harder if you tried.

    Reaks of jealousy and butt hurt in here
  8. I never insulted the queen. Calling her "old lady"? Any 90 years old is old in my book.
  9. Most talks about America are responses to other posts. Other countries get brought up in threads about America, does that mean America is on their nuts?
  10. It is true you haven't insulted the queen but you have insulted Britain on several occasions and have used twisted and misguided facts to try and scare monger.
  11. Give me one example of insult towards Britain.
  12. in the blink of a eye you will be old too vlad. So should show some respect towards fabolous at 90 Queen Elizabeth she's still working and is loved and highly respected worldwide. If you not happy and being in the country of a old Queen and are not grateful of all that Queen Elizabeth and our royal family have done for us.You can always return back to the land of dracula your country's even older and only representitive.
  13. What's wrong about Dracula? You should have more respect for him. He's the ancestor of british royal family.
  14. On a serious note... I never disrespected the queen. As you said, she's 90 and still working. And this is fantastic. Is she respected worldwide? For sure she is. Is she one of the most loved personalities worldwide? For sure she is. Inside and outside of Great Britain. But being respected and even loved by some of Canada or Australia citizens doesn't mean she actually have a saying about those countries internal and external affairs.
  15. Lmfao good luck

    This is an interesting topic op i like reading the serious comments. I don't know much about the eu and all that but from people that live over there I can learn about other countries and what y'all think. Obviously I can't weigh in I just wanted to comment on snoopys comment

  16. No but its prevalent in every uk thread, someone always chimes in every few pages bashing america. Your one of them so good job
  17. Whatever the outcome, my prediction is this is just the start of the end for the EU. The UK is a major player (apparently) within the EU, I wouldnt be surprised if some of the 'minor' players ie Italy and Spain, hold an in/out referendum fairly soon after.

    Once Merkel starts losing countries from her Greater Germany/EU then I see it collapsing fairly quickly.

    Imo the EU has exceeded its power it was originally given. Going back to just a common market where individual countries can trade with each other easier would be a much better solution than the Fourth Reich that it's currently heading towards.
  18. One example where you insult the English as requested.
  19. They did run, isn't it? And binarycode was talking about insulting Britannia. There's no insult towards Britannia on your quote.
  20. Americans do the exact same thing to the UK and other countries on other threads. It's just how it is, Americans take uneducated shots about winning their independence or saving everyone in ww2 and Brits, Aussies, Canadians or whoever else will take shots at America for their lost wars of the modern era, the sub par quality of their troops and their poor gun laws.

    It has nothing to do with what you claim it to be, it's just fun bashing of eachother which happens in threads about both countries.