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  1. The_union->crazy angels->last rights->some sucker punch clan->dkod->bend over->tso. That's about it
  2. Lunar blades strike force, Dragons elite, A.D.H.D.,Lsa Elite (recruit), united world , weapons of fate , The Strippers Club, Kotfe Assassins, Faith rev,CrAcKdOwN/Zaft crackdown, Fast and Furious, The Monsters, Fury Vengeance / Fury, Russian Shadows, Zaft Corps/ Ultra clan.
  4. I'm the best kaw player ever because I said so.
  5. Noob
  6. Nah you da one in the hte clan
  7. This is about my 7th account since 2009. Other names I may or may not be known by include epicwarrior, —OutKast—, IIVIIEIINIIGIIEIIAIINIICIIEII, Im_So_Insane, ImPrototype, and various Reaper names (tagged like IIIII-_Vengeful_Reaper_-IIIII). I’ve probably gone through around 40 names in total and I forgot almost all of them.

    Original home clan was Hopeful Misfits in 2010. Been few other notable homes outside of that, some of the main ones being Mystic Misfits, MINAS MORGUL and La Resistance. I owned a couple clans too, the earliest being Eagle Rising.

    After a brief stint with a Worms war clan (can’t remember the name for the life of me) in S2, I warred in about every EE clan during S3. Ancient Prestige, AoC, Mushroom Kingdom, MINAS MORGUL, La Res, RH, Division 1, Mini Mooncake, Battlegrounds, Elysium, Insane Asylum, SILVER and Ghost Legion.

    Didn’t fight in too many OSWs but did my share of PvP. Only real ones I can think of would be the old Anonymous War Project, a short time in NA, ,’, ILLUMINATI ,’, and another couple clans whose names currently escape me.

    happily retired for several months.
  8. I give 9 simply for being in AWP ^

    I didnt know there was a pvp side of kaw till the first PvP event in November 2014

    But since then

    -after failbombing Mtnbadger who at the time was 2x my size for days during the first pvp event he invited me to WAR and there i witnessed the start of the biggest kaw war ever as my first real osw (i dont count pot burning mystic misfits cr1 as osw) (got kicked due too not knowing about banks and asking for very sensitive info causei didnt know Better)

    I co-started an underground osw clan that fought against insok army (largest underground osw clan ever) until they mo longer existed (probably not because of us but still )

    I joined awp and fought what was probably the most onesided war (in terms of numbers something like 1600 vs. 20) in kaw history for 6 months , leaving 15 of us and 900 of them remaining, along with several dead clans in our wake.

    After that i joined the infamous turtle army in s5, making enemy wcs and trackers jobs 10x harder

    At this point i missed smashing veritas so i went to ig for awhile , and got accidentally removed during house cleaning , was pissed so didnt reapply.

    -got back with some awp vets and did the whole impossible war thing over again with only slightly better odds most of my favourite times in kaw are at awp

    After this me and one of my AWP friends went around to clans on the zaft/invictus side looking for a permanent home where his osw knowledge would get him somewhere higher on the ladder than the avarage member, a few clans took him up on it but none too his liking soo

    -we made our own, very sucessful clan revolution with another friend of his that lasted months after i left before merging into fury.

    -joined LSA , earned my tags, fought the machines till the LSA clan special ed kid (who also thinks hes a good bully) tried to be a dick to me again, since i wouldn't take his **** anymore and i was newer i got kicked

    Lastly Now im back in ig kicking ass and taking TZs .

    I have went under

    Jacob_the_destroyer (2010)
    Jacob_the_destroyer1 (2011-2014)
    (Barcode)Th3_D3STR0Y3R(barcode) (ending early 2015)

    _______AnOnYmOuS___Destro (feb 2015-july 2015)

    (Barcode)TURTLE(barcode) (s5)

    (Barcode)Anti-christ(barcode) (end of s5- mid 2016)

    (barcode)GR4V3-L0RD(barcode) (till march 2017)

    GraveLSA (till march 2018)

    Grave (since)
  9. Grave always writing a novel

  10. I have a lot i think is worth being proud of, others will disagree but i bet their kaw resume is shorter.
  11. I existed. Started in a place and now I'm here
  12. It was at this moment he realised, the low point his life had reached....
  13. It was a resume, Grave.

    Not your (KaW) life story.

  14. Dont blame me blame all the haters that will call me a runner if i dont specify why i am no longer in each clan.
  15. I have done nothing (that can be proved because I used alts for those things)
  16. I come from the ghetto of kaw
    Through the ghettos we war so much that it was like going to the bathroom

    2015~present IG took me in off the streets

    Present I just sit in ig and wreck havoc cuz we a tornado and apocs a trailer park

    I also run a group called renegades who has only the best of the best oswers like jin#triggered
  17. Once a constant poster, now just a lurker. Resting in inactivity.
  18. ☠never cf'd

    ☠refused all offers to join in nerd rp guilds

    ☠built the funniest wall of rage/tears

    ☠grew my squatch an extra 2" just for kicks

    ☠best all around ee warrior of all time

    ☠Most osw victories in a 12 month period

    ☠won the big resume contest of 2018

    ☠chewed and spit out a Carolina reaper

    ☠best dressed/most respected player 3/4 years
  19. wow I thought I was best dressed :oops: