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  1. My last thread has got me thinking:

    Where have you guys been? When you look back at your KaW “careers”, what were your highlights? When did you have the best time playing the game? What are you most proud of doing, in-game? What IGNs have you gone by and what reputation did you earn?

    Post your KaW resume and rate the person above yours

    Personally, I’ve been a lot of places. You tend to move around a lot when you’re playing this game for years.

    I’ve been a part of -VoX-, ZAFT, Black Hand, and White Hand. I’ve gone by DEAD-n-ALIVE (AKA DnA), WhiteHand-Caedis, iCaedis, and most recently, Caedis. I now reside in Mythica Hellraisers, a clan that’s grown near and dear to my heart.

    The highlight of my KaW experience has to be the ZAFT/Outlawz OSW. I had such a great experience with that group of players that evolved into me retiring from KaW (the first time) and moving to GaW and helping found iTeam, one of the leaderboard Families.

    Anyways guys, what have you done?

  3. I’m legend. You all know it
  4. I rate you like a 3
  5. -King of Forums

    -Inducted into KAW Hall of Fame (by Roni)

    -Baddest Ass kickingest OSW warrior of all times

    -Hold the record for having highest number KAW wives at one time (14)

    -Most banned accounts

    -Most Accounts period

    -Most forum bans

    -Most silences

    -Have forced changes to TOU more then any other player (really)

    -9” (really)

    -Mods/Devs/Suppprts favorite player

    Les Corses, KJS-002, CoS, B2B OSW, TSC, Sabotage (lol), Blackhand, Whitehand ...& a whole slew of others I can’t remember

  6. - Problematic

    Used to be Problematic Owl

    Hit ebs. from clan to clan.

    Joined AoE on its re-opening.

    Left from boredom and joined ZAFT Corp.

    Went inactive then came back to the clan being dead..

    tried to join KOTFE (they thought I was an alt)

    Joined Veritas.

    stayed for about 10-11 months then tried to visit a KOTFE clan to get to know more people within the alliance (was on some no join list :-/ )

    After a while I left Veri to try something new. ( I lacked line acct the whole time :/ Suprised I wasn't kicked for mole/alt suspicions)

    Ended joining up with TS and helped out against SoS for a while. Went to silver to grow a bit.

    (at this point I was on a clan hopping spree
  7. Pt. 2

    Once I realized I had more time for the game I tried to join up with Reg's since I was previously Veri and I had visited them before. I was told I was too small so I went on my way.

    I checked back in with TS and I was told their doors were locked for war.

    At this point I don't have a home anymore. I just recently got a line account and i'm looking to eventually find a perm home. Ty for your time :^)
  8. Nate/Snoopy/B-B-Q/Alexander136

    Skills: Being a forum person
    Weaknesses: Being a forum person
  9. You really only have 5k posts?
  10. My old acc is ranked third I believe in most posts on forums.

    First forum president voted into office

    Devs/mods most wanted/hated

    Been silenced more times than I can count.

    Was in Foxes during the ZiG/UWF war
    Kaw’s most eligible bachelor
  11. I am Willy

    In the dark times, back when players would stay awake for several days, running notebook after notebook, doing drugs, chewing on sugar cubes and or Pixie Sticks...all to try to defeat each other in the 72 hour system war arena....that was where I was bred.

    Tortured. Poisoned. Wrapped in burlap and beaten with wooden spoons. The KAW experience was melted into my ass cheeks and it ruined my life.

    I disowned my mom. Sold my kids. Sold my neighbors kids. Snorted my wife, mistaking her for the caffeine powder I had been bumping on for the last 48 hours.

    I invented epic battles. Yup.


    I invented a disconnect so I could ween myself off of the game and salvage the remaining days of my life chasing my dream....


    With a little help from Jesus and Steve Jobs and the old lady from the Poltergeist movie, I think I’m gonna make it.
  12. Embarrassing
  13. I'm a nobody, been nowhere, done nothing. Nothing to fear here!
  14. -noob
    -never gone through war
    -still has grey name
    -joined a few days ago
    -attacked a random dude from BL ang got successfully attacked 11x as payback
  15. You still centring your posts?
  16. Trap you have a colourful resume on kaw to die for! Do tell everyone your legacy :- from your humble beginnings to your peak in Zaft corps /Ultra clan. :)
  17. I don't have a legacy to tell, I'm just another player in this tap tap game.
  18. My name is Bach I been making noobs cry since 1754.