⚔️Moderators and Knights⚔️

Discussion in 'Guides' started by Moody, Jan 28, 2018.

  1. 5 now congrats
  2. Mods are idiots that wish they could be police but are too fat or dump... Probably both if the mod comes from American.
  3. Rip Moose
  4. Not all of them just some
  5. Stacy-P isn't on the list but they are a valiant knight
  6. The irony is beautiful :cry:
  7. Update 26/06/19

    Choccy and Moody Step Down
  8. Happy retirement, Moody and Choccy.
  9. Moody and Choccy, you will me missed but always in my heart. Great friends and great mods. You have both left your mark here with helping for the better of the community. :)
  10. We need a serious overload of mods and vk's, it's ridiculous how many are inactive or just don't contribute anymore.
  11. Amen.

    Spelt like Moody but oh so much better.
  12. Thank you Choocy and Moody for all you've done to enhance the kaw community and experience, you both will be missed! Take much care in rl and hope to see you back to Kaw again in the future!