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  1. Update 22/10/18

    Slayerbob and PhoenixRising Retired
  2. Happy Retirement to you both and ty for serving the community! :)
  3. Nerds. Slayerbob was long overdue if you ask me. Michael is next to retire
  4. Who even was PhoenixRising lmao
  5. Eagle changed him name if your still updating this
  6. Why would I retire? Lol
  7. Yeah,I think Michael is next on the chopping block :ugeek:
  8. Name updated - thanks!
  9. I was informed that the inappropriate report option for wc is reviewed by the mods....is this true? That is what the devs said in the help ticket.
  10. Yeah, I’d imagine ?????? Who else would?
  11. Any mods want to weigh in on that ?
  12. I maybe see 4 active mods in that entire list
  13. Isnt wulf still a VK?
  14. The reporting within forums is indeed visible by moderators and the support staff at ATA.

    However, it is only visible on pc forums and not game forums so is not as easy to use / navigate through as it could be - however support use this more frequently.

    For a more efficient forum moderating service then ping one of us a message and we will get right to it when we are online next :)
  15. So in so many words it don’t work. Plus every time I pull a ticket they take to long to reply, then jack around investigating, and say they dealt with it. They don’t because I watch the accounts to see if they get silenced or not. ALL OF YOU are quick to silence and forum ban me drop of the hat, yet ones that I report that are worse DONT EVER get punished. So I’m asking....who the wc report option really is for and or did I just prove kaw privilege ? This is a mod thread. So I’m asking how mods work.

  16. I check forum reports from my phone once or twice a day usually. Can't view wc reports at all afaik though, pretty sure that's all on support.
  17. That’s not what the help ticket response says. You guys are in charge of the wc reports per support response.
    That being said...... is it normal practice for devs and or mods to kick the can down the road when an undesirable makes a formal complaint?? This is what I’m experiencing as of late. I know I’m not as privileged as some, but an infraction is what it is.....an infraction. ALL infractions are to be treated the same and have the same consequence regardless who you are. Wouldn’t you agree ?
  18. Only 4? 
  19. So out of ALL that’s been posted here....this is what you decide to respond too ??

    My posts and questions is for all the mods to respond to. Feel free to add something spud. Hell I’d even love to see a well thought out response from a dev.

    Again I’m just trying to find out where and or with whom to log formal complaints. Complaints for post that are inappropriate, even if the complaints are made by me, that’ll be taken seriously and dealt with as per tos.
  20. Any “formal” contact needs to be made to the support team through the ticket system. This is going straight to ATA, where their staff can get and take action on the request. Actually since mods are players as everyone else you can contact a mod directly but when one can get back to you is dependent on their time to get on for that given day or night, so it going straight to ATA is your best bet, although If you can get a mod honestly we will do what we can to help you with an issue.

    I check the logs time to time, most times I just get players contacting me directly over violations and I take it from there from direct contact but you see that’s just me. I can’t speak for how other mods handle things as we all do things differently, some have more time than others and just are on at different times.

    If I’ve missed something please let me know :)