♔8th Year Badge Retirement - 49 Seal/100+ Horn Contest!♔

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    49 Seals of the Damned
    135 Horns of Calydor

    Hey there guys!

    It's been awhile since I posted and I just dropped in to check up on things here... And wow... a lot has changed! It turns out today is October 18th, marking my 8th year playing Kingdoms at war. Nostalgia is a fickle thing, and I think it's the reason why I've kept coming back to this game after so long. Regardless, most of you are already aware I am no longer active as I used to be, if at all. I never really made a formal retirement thread. And In lieu of such, I decided I would spread the rest of my spoils on my account, here, with the loyal players who continue playing today! After all... These consumables are rotting on my account right?

    I'm unaware if any of you remember my old win a free seal threads from years ago or so, but the conditions of this contest are different, however the rewards are more! The intention of this thread is to encourage dialogue and reminisce of the kaw past.


    Disclaimer: I have not formerly contacted ATA, prior to creating this thread - but it need not be issue - as in the past, consumables have been deducted from my account to reward contestants in events such as these! Any issues Dev side, please lock this thread.

    Have fun, and happy kawing,

    Chaos :p

    P.s. My favorite moment/highlight was probably a combination of max build completing new lands/buildings Day 1 launch multiple times, Getting 2nd in the first true PVP event (My Banner), and probably trolling Bruce in Slack. :mrgreen:
  2. Probably my most memorable moment was when I made a new account in 2013 or so, I joined a clan that I don't remember the name of, and they started doing the haunting. I was ecstatic! My first tier 5 eb! They let all the smalls hit the mb back when 700k cs was still too low to hit and we didn't make much gold. Anyway, I hit the mb and came out with 3 billion gold!! I was so happy, I posted in cc "whoa! I just got 3 billion gold!" The admins were just laughing because even then 3 bil back then was easy to come by. I was so happy that I spent it all on my prized ally, an active one. Was my first active ally for a very long time. That was probably my most memorable moment, sadly I don't have that account anymore
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    During the plunder war days, when Eastbound and Down was the biggest clan in KaW and was ran by kenny_mf_powers, I reset kenny_mf_powers, which not only was their owner, but their biggest osf that never closed. I discovered their account sharing secrets and reset the account and then ratted them out to the developers. It was a pretty low and spiteful moments for me because they treated me like crap as an admin. I was then farmed for many months and was forced to create a new main because I couldn’t hide. I am still satisfied by my accomplishment.
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    My favorite memory was the day I saw Zaft go to war. I never was a part of either side but it was just so cool knowing that so many clans were smacking each other left and right. I think we all remember this who played back then. This was a cool moment in KaW history for all of us. One that will be remember for sure!
  5. My fondest memories in KaW would have to be at VooDoo and stripping KingdomOfWolves. The preparation for it and the subsequent war was amazing.

    As many of you know, back in the day iG were quite feared and KaW's top bullies. They were #1 and the clan name alone was enough to scare players off.

    VooDoo had just been formed, lost a war against iG and council asked us all to go full spy with only MP so we could take them on again. We spent about 4 months growing and changing builds to go full spy. (Most of us used to be attack builds with a lot in allies)
    This was some time around mid 2011.

    It was fun time, we had a website where we'd track our B/L every week and the highest wins would be rewarded. It was incentive for us to crystal and grow. I believe it was Neuromancer who set the website up.
    After a few months most of our BCs and bigs were spy only with nothing lose in a MP ally. The spy build size back then was 3.1m\3.1m.
    After a few months of prep and build up, the clan was ready.
    We strip KingdomOfWolves off 4T around Christmas time. Which was an enormous amount back then. After being cleaned out every single one of us post a pumpkin along with a fist raised up emoji on his wall. Pumpkins were like our clan emoji.
    The posts have been pushed down by now, but it was a beautiful sight. About 30 odd pumpkin posts. The war with iG resumes, only this time we're all Hansel and there's nothing much iG can do in terms of damage. They outnumbered us but couldn't do anything. Our banks striped them while the spy mains in VooDoo cleared them out.
    This was back when you had no sort of ally protection alert systems to prevent strips and clans would use banks outside the clan that held the gold to strip with.

    We were the first all spy OSW clan. The underdogs and guess what? iG asked for a CF 4 days after the strip. This was a significant moment in KaW's history because it showed us the power dynamics were changing. iG could be beaten on their own. If you ask me this was the start of their eventual demise as we've all come to know. They weren't the unbeatable bullies that everyone thought they were.

    What came after that was beautiful. We were swamped with recruits, opened a sub called "The_Awakening". Back then we'd conduct solid interviews before letting anyone in. I remember some of them would take over an hour.
    I was offered a post on the mini council and it was around then that the "Army of the Sun" alliance was formed. (Regs-GermanFoxes-VooDoo-Outlawz +etc)
    The AotS alliance didn't last very long due to a lot of infighting but a lot of fond memories there. Especially the dedicated item EB clans that Regulators started to ensure their members and the alliance members had the latest equipment. Eg: "ToC"

    Shootout to my VooDoo peeps. Most of them have quit but they were a part of my best days on KaW. (Loxley, BrianOfTx, MattECS, WeeBum, Neuro/Nick, Trixia, ShadowKat, Nightstorm, Amphibian)
  6. Lets take some xanax bars together bud
  7. During the regs vs foxes osw, hell any of the following I liked reading the posts by the_philosopher everyone was sharing information to him for propaganda etc  He knew most of the current strips his threads we'd all come along derail.
  8. My favorite period of time here was probably S2 of estoc. The atmosphere and attitude of the Worms was something truly special. Back then there were more than like 2 non LB clans who could war and make it interesting, but now that has died off a lot. Sometimes we had LB players in for wars, but it wasn't a constant basis.

    I also really enjoyed the 2012 summer wars beta. I ended up getting taken out in the first round, but it was a ton of fun. I also remember cheering Last Rights on in the final round. Underdog wins are something special in games like this.

    Sad to see you retire, Chaos. Best of luck IRL!
  9. My favorite time was not long ago, actually. But about a year and a half ago when events were still not quite back to back yet, and they did that week-long pvp event thing? CR opened up one of their war clans and all of Apoc piled in it to hang out and do pvp.
    People from every clan were there and we got to know each other, got closer as an alliance. We laughed our butts off, too. pulled all-nighters, took turns casting the (whatever it was called) spell... It was the first major pvp event, so leaders 'suspended' osw.. but we all lit each other up anyway. :D
    I made top 25 in that event, best I've ever done before or since. Good times.
  10. - Helping prove player manipulation of packet data to ban one of top ten accounts at the time. It was worth the back and forth with the developers.

    - Getting my 8 year badge.

    - Having a developer thank me for sticking with their company for so many years and then his shock to find out that I was a former moderator.

    - Farming your face

    - Remembering the day that we could volley for unlimited gold
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    Favorite memory was joining second echelon in 2010 when they had just started, no more than 50 ppl in the clan. After losing my account, I then came back to KAW to see that they were one of the best clans in the game and that my old mentor and friend, Cahuck, still remembered me, and had risen into the top 200 strongest players!
  12. My best memory was about 4/5 years ago.
    A guy helped me to grow as I was totally new to the game.
    I picked it up quite fast and was soon within his hit range.
    He then started hitting me as much as he was active. I asked him why.
    He private messaged me telling me to pay him $50 through Paypal or he would never stop.
    I snapshot pm, opened a ticket to the devs and they had his IP address banned.
    Never heard from him again.
    I always hear people say devs don't help and that they don't monitor pm but on this occasion I guess I was lucky.
    Good memory because I started growing a lot faster after that and started warring.
  13. It seems kinda silly, but one of my fonder memories was selling silly mists of confusions to feed clannies, and knowing that you were one of the main reasons they were growing. I think i sold pots for like a half hour straight once(i think i opened to wc)... would never do that again, but iy is a real nostalgic moment. Reminds me about carefree times not associated with adult hood. lol
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    Hmmmm thats a hard one.

    One of my fondest memories is probably the country wars we had set up on forums back in 2011 or 2012 i dont remember which exactly. Was me leading Team Usa and Xtreme with Team Italy i believe it was. (My memory is garbage) We got to be number 1 and 2 on the clan strength Lb and duked it out. Had a frickin blast.

    Another fond memory would be when i was trash talking ireg (which i did, a LOT) and finally got put into regulators Ca. That was fun. That was back when they were apart of AotS. Then after about a week or 2 in their ca the Apoc vs AotS osw started up. And we all know how that ended.

    Good times. Sad to see the direction this game has gone.
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    So sorry to see yet another head off into the sunset but I guess that may be me one day. I dream of being BC but each time I get close the bar is highered again .
    My best moments are always when I think I’ve figured out what I’m meant to be doing... either in an EB or in War, but no I’m just delusional!
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    One of my most fond memories:

    It was the beginning of the first true PvP event.
    Some of you know that my brother (ValarMorghulis) as he is known by that name nowadays and I started KaW as youngesters back on December 26th 2009 after we got our first ipod 3G touches for christmas at the age of 13 and 14.
    We ended up getting our parents into it, and our father was a wellknown leaderboard player Vandaddy or as he came to be known ThevBlackaSwann.
    Well when that pvp event started, we were kind of skeptical and "whatever" about it, but it sparked some competition.
    My father ended up in top 10 -3 days into the event with myself trailing in the top 100, but i decided to turn things up a notch 4 days before it ended. I caught up to him, and we sat for 3 days straight taking 15 minute naps or getting no sleep running up and down kotfe rosters hitting targets and sharing open targets with eachother. Eventually kotfe hansels started dropping to pure spy.
    The best part is: neither of us blew a single crystal to be in top 10. Unfortunately one day before the event ended he logged in to find that his account had been banned.
    I placed 7th in the first PvP event, but these memories with my family make me miss the old days, and also bring joy because this game brought our family together in something we could excell at, compete with eachother at, and enjoy together!

    There are many more memories with my family, or even with people who we associated with!

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    My fondest kaw memory was learning to war as GH before it got nerfed and then moving to SH shortly after . You’d stack 12-13 GH with 2 LB and it would be the most fun imo . Then came PvP Beasts and SSH with round wars . beasts were always stacked and had sole of the best warriors around imo . they’d take on huge players in round wars while they were minuscule compared to them and win by lots

    Shoutout to all those who warred SH regularly and I’ve known over the years . Season 5 (I believe it was) was pure indi and I warred with friends for them 4 weeks and had the most fun in the game I’ve ever had . Theres nothing like talking to the same people 3-4 times a days for hours at a time . It was all based on luck and that’s what made it fun although it’s not all like that in current indi . The season was the only event I tried for and I placed mid 70’s but yea . Warring was AND still is the most fun thing about this game and there’s nothing like a war that comes down to the last ko/last atk/last sko etc.

    ~ 
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    lmao who is this guy

    my favorite memory:
    silencing Grant
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    My most memorable moment in KaW history was when I got my new phone and just started playing again. I joined a B2B HTE clan, as there was no ZTA at the time. I was about 100k cs and I used my seal, hitting all the items and doing -4 damage to the main bar with every hit. In the end, I was so ecstatic! I had made 4 billion gold! That was my first time reaching one billion gold.