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Discussion in 'Strategy' started by Wulf, Feb 28, 2012.

  1. Hey Wulf, has anyone let you know this guide for CotD got messed up somehow with Desert sting information?
  2. Congratulations wulf on becoming a moderator again. This guide helped me a lot when I first started playing kaw and I still use it as a reference. So thank you ;)
  3. Nice job wulf️
  4. Ty all who helped me figure out a tbo strategy,.we made lb with fastest tbo this wk finished in 1:04 :D
  5. No Worries Cherry congrats on getting #1 TBO record :D
  6. rhis has been helping me for my main
  7. Can't beat wulf's eb and buildings guides i use them both all the time :D
    They're also been very handy for helping out new players / help older players help out new players if they're struggling and don't know what they're looking for in the forums
  8. A Smog Screen blackens the battlefield skies.

    This was just awarded to one of our members, in the update in clan chat at the end of The Summoner. What is the item? What does it do?
  9. No need to answer my post, just seen a new thread in forums that answers my question
  10. Awesome help thanks
  11. Update warbeasts it can give horn of claydor to
  12. You should include a war equip section and a section for the hunts kaw has had and there equip over time