♔ Epic Battles Guide ♔ (NEW Aotromos of the Abyss GUIDE ADDED)

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  1. Has anyone found a way to do more damage to Noth’s third phase bar “Ballistic Barrage”. It’s capped at roughly 100. Pretty annoying to only do that much damage
  2. No, but I would recommend stealing at the point you can hit the barrage though. So you can bring down both bars together.
  3. How can players like solve play this game? This player is spending so mutch real money in the game that he should be kicked for his own security
  4. This player should go see his doctor…. He really has a big problem with this game
  5. Some don't spend any money 🤑
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  6. These dumb event that we are doing are a pain in butt do 15 attacks then 25 stupid go back to one we were doing
  7. Wow, there’s a lot of these epic battles. How long does it take to be able to take on the top tiers?
  8. Far as I can tell, forever!
  9. Thank you for his, it helps new players like me a lot
  10. Which i item i need for forgotten ones
  11. Bribery gem (red gem)
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  12. Thank you ✌️🙂
  13. Play haunting regularly and have never seen a compass or a seal for anything. Don’t get your hopes up