♔ Epic Battles Guide ♔ (NEW Aotromos of the Abyss GUIDE ADDED)

Discussion in 'Guides' started by Choccy, May 21, 2015.

  1. We need guide on new eb Asap.
  2. Any chance we’ll get how to fight ‘The Witchqueen Reborn’? ;)
  3. Hexavia the Ravenstorm guide added.
  4. Aotromos of the Abyss guide added.
  5. Not `worth the time vs reward to complete this eb.
  6. AotA is I think 3x longer than noth.
  7. It goes to CotD when I click on it. Try again and see.
  8. Aota. P2. From guide I feared steal bar had to be completed before starting on last bar. Luckily we can send att there while continuing stealing. Consider dropping "third" and let "second" have an "and" to present att&ass on last bar.
  9. Same on P3. Luckily we can att bar 2 And ass bar 3
  10. Same on P4. None of the bars were asymmetric, if one bar only took soldiers, another bar could take spies. Good to know asymmetric bars so we can start full with those troops and get two full troop bars in:) This used to be clear from the guides before.😊 Thanks for adding guides, hopefully there will be a new EB soon.
  11. Looks good.😀
  12. Always a good reference.
  13. Bump. Why does this have to be bumped? Should be the first thing you see when you open forums.
  14. Yes, it would be nice if it was pinned to the top since it is a widely used resource.👍