♔ Epic Battles Guide ♔ (NEW Aotromos of the Abyss GUIDE ADDED)

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    very helpful to those starters, ty
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    The guide for the new eb, Neidria of the Hoarfrost, is now updated - click HERE, or use the Table of Contents at the start of this guide.

    I'm still missing the names and the health of the bars in phase 3. So if anyone have that information, please let me know! :)
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    Ty for update, much appreciated
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    What about the regen in p4 ?
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    I've just been made aware of that there's a regen bar, so I'll try to gather the info as soon as I can! :)
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    Phase 3
    Bar One - Deep Freeze - 48,078
    Bar Two - The Heatless Ones - 24,039
    Bar Three - Ballista Barrage - 20,000
    Bar Four - Rimebound Relics - 20,000
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    The guide for the new EB has been fully updated! :)

    I've also decided to change how drops from epic battles are viewed in the guide. You can see an example of that in the guide for the new eb. The drops will also be categorized into either of the following categories:

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    How many orange tokens does it take to level the new banner up to 4 & 5??

    Can’t find it anywhere...?
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    It takes 20 to enchant lv3 --> lv4, and another 50 for lv5. 86 to go from lv1 through 5.
  11. Thank you for this guide!
    Cover of Night also drops the Horn of Calydor :)
  12. Are you aware that azure shard makes you deal double dmg to azure shield?
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  13. Unfortunately when I clicked on of the EB's links it doesn't take me to the page where the information is at with this new forum update 😣

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  14. Is there a guide to the new premium EB?
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  15. Ty for keeping eb guide on top even i still use it sometimes 💞🙌💞
  16. Comment #211 on page 11 mate
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