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  1. Sorry that we arent carrying a war effort for a bunch of dead clans
  2. ıŋʂųཞɠɛŋƈყ
  3. You mean what happens to every clan you join  biggest jokes and fools in kaw
  4. Without the haters, kaw would be boring... thx for the support;)
  5. You guys are already full?
  6. They are :lol: full of poop
  7. You know. When I first came back to this game I came back to a small group that wasnt even capable of being their own clan, today here we are as a pretty successful clan. In that same time period, the group you are in seems to have shrunk from 10+ clans to 1 clan. I think you could learn a thing or 2 from us if you asked nicely. Now that this is over with I am going to ask you to refrain from posting on the thread if you are just attention seeking and attempting to derail.
  8. Lili and Puns - if you cant stay on topic of the thread, which is directed towards recruitment of respectable individuals to my clan, then please remove yourself from the thread. Thank you.
  9. ıŋʂųཞɠɛŋƈყ..... knock knock foo
  10. you guys idiots, how do expect to recruit members when you kick them after being a loyal member for the past months? been in clan using seerstones to help start ebs faster and I hit from start to end, yet you guys don't think twice to boot members. piss on you guys, won't join your irrelevant clan again. bunch of former CF 's losers go screw yourselves
  11. Not home but always on your side insurgency  call me to whoop some bullies anytime.

  12. With how few charms you have you are either a mole or someone who doesnt know what pvp means, either way, not welcome.