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  1. in·sur·gen·cy or /inˈsərj(ə)nsē: An organized movement aimed at the overthrow of a constituted government through use of subversion and armed conflict.

    Throughout the existence of the realm, Lords and Nobles of countless kingdoms have sent their dignitaries to every corner of the known world. Their influence and impressive power grows daily as adventurers discover and conquer new lands as well as the people and cultures that inhabit them.

    From the lowly Lowlands, the rolling green hills of the Highlands, the frozen tundra of the Hoarfrost, the deepest depths of the Abyss, the floating lands of the Osmon Rai, the dark damp Deep Mines, and the desert of the Fate Sands - kingdoms have competed for stronger influence and sought control over their adversaries.

    Many Kings and Queens have plundered righteously on this exploration and expansion, depleting once widespread resources. Over the course of many years, the leaders of these kingdoms grew complacent, believing their power to be untouchable. While complacency in leadership grew, so too did the plight of their people. Little did they know their kingdoms had fractures beginning to widen...

    Small groups of War Bands began to form. These groups formed extensive networks throughout the realm, gathering information and creating cells. The friendships within these groups stood the test of time and were bound by blood.

    As happiness deteriorated around the globe War Bands became common place. Each group of individuals had been veterans of different wars throughout history. The unique experience that each War Band had made them feared on the battlefield. As the War Bands came across one another, their unique experience and knowledge combined - creating an army of ruthless Insurgents.

    After careful preparation and planning an open uprising was called against the corrupt institutions that have governed and plundered the land for nearly a decade. Shocked at which the ferocity and vigor the Insurgents fought with, the Lords decried "An Insurgency has been born!"

    After a well fought campaign the Insurgents found themselves victorious, but much of the infrastructure in ruins. The Insurgents sought to create an Independent state within the realm. This state would remain a symbol against tyranny and oppression. It is founded on the core values of Integrity, Honor, and Loyalty. Will you help them build?

    Welcome to Insurgency

    Insurgency is comprised of players who have fought in many of KaW's wars. The combined expertise and history offers for a unique taste that blends well. We strive to use old school tactics but in modern ways. Insurgency emphasizes Loyalty and is highly defensive of members.

    We are looking for players hoping to join a close knit family and help us reshape modern KaW. While we carry an emphasis on PvP it is not required that you have extensive experience, only that you are willing to learn and defend your clan mates when called upon.

    If you are looking to join us or for more information about our clan please follow me where I will be happy to assist you.
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    Nice, support
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    Very well done, Burn.

    We will leave our mark. 
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    * ! ıŋʂųཞɠɛŋƈყ
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    Aye, ıŋʂųཞɠɛŋƈყ family :)
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    Thanks for the image help DrDrunk!
  10. Amen! Fam represent.
  11. Pure Greatness
  12. Nicely written, Burn. Excited for what’s to come.
  13. Look all this getting clannies to support is all well and good but where does Insurgency's history with iG play into all this?
  14. I can’t speak for the council, but we are proud of our iG heritage. However, we as a whole are a new family and are growing and uniting to become a force to be reckoned with. We are Insurgency, not iG. 
  15. it does not play in at all. iG is gone. Insurgency is not linked with iG in anyway whatsoever. A portion of the players in insurgency were iG members, however a portion of the players in most osw clans have been iG in the past.
  16. Good thread, nice people. Good luck Insurgency.
  17. Lame no support
  18. appreciate the support.
  19. Can i join an b a mol in there? Ill b loyal i swer
  20. Saw you lurkin' was wondering what you were going to conjure up. Salty you can mole any time, if it werent for our moles we wouldn't finish eb!