(TZ - Scrim) Insight on Plunder Bonus

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(TZ - Scrim) Insight on Plunder Bonus

Postby TZ- on Oct 11 2009, 9:47am

This is a joint test, trial and research by TZ and Scrim regarding ally plunder bonus. We attempt to provide insights on how it works as well as the Incorporation of new rules in the "News" section by KAW admin.

I will begin by first listing the results of the test, and then demystify it in various sections.

Note: Values on victory screen is plunder, ally plunder bonus, total

Test 1. The ally plunder bonus.

TZ solo test.
Test on ~ 50% victory opponent. (raven)
Before purchase of allies,
 ally plunder bonus yield ~ 1mil
did some ally purchase ~ 90 mil
 ally plunder bonus yield ~ 1.5 mil

This test concludes that ally plunder bonus ~ 0.4 to 0.5% of ally values.

TZ test 2

Target 1 Raven
 ally plunder bonus yield ~1.6 mil
Target 2 Kilroy
 ally plunder bonus yield ~1.2 mil

The results analysis
Raven is stronger than kilroy
Ally plunder bonus on kilroy is 3/4 that of raven
Ally plunder bonus DOESscale according to opponent size.

(Note: XYZ attacks on tiny opponent yield a few k and on average opponent yield ~ 2.3 mil)

Scrim / TZ test

Scrim target on (raven, procilivity, Kilroy) all yield the same amount ~ 2.5 mil in ally plunder bonus.
TZ target however shows different ally plunder bonus as documented in TZ solo test 1.

 at the point of test, Scrim ranks 3 below TZ. However, this shall not affect the results of the 3 different strength target in anyway.
 Scrim is much richer than TZ. Scrim has few hundred mil more value of allies as compared to TZ.  Important point
 Scrim complains despite making huge ally values purchases, the ally plunder bonus did not go up significantly as expected.  Important point

We can conclude there is a limitation (cap) for the ally plunder bonus.
Scrim has reached the highest cap cap possible, hence is able to earn the maximum amount from a small opponent (Kilroy) and also this amount is the same as a larger opponent (raven).
On raven, scrim bonus is 2.6 mil vs TZ 1.6 mil. Hence we can see the cap at 2.6 mil max.
 we are not done yet.
No  means no conclusion yet. Let's
move on 

Scrim raze all military building save 1 forge.
 ally plunder bonus now drops to 300k

Ally plunder bonus maximum is capped to Army strength.
This is in line with the news as announced by KAW.
Ally plunder bonus rises as values of the allies rises (more allies). The value however does not rise indefinitely and is capped by army strength.

The exact mechanism of the cap is not known yet. It may be a point cap or it may be a (exponential bonus strength ratio) curve cap.

To summarize this long article
Ally plunder bonus increase with more allies.
Ally plunder bonus scales according to opponent strength
Maximum ally plunder bonus is capped to army strength
Having more allies above the maximum cap only serves to provide the same ally plunder bonus as the cap.
 cap is at 1mil
 my bonus for A is 1 mil and for B is 750k
 I buy even more allies.
 My bonus for A is still 1 mil but for B is now 940k.
 I can buy more allies but my total max bonus will be 1 mil for both A and B.

I hope this provides an insight to the workings of the ALLY PLUNDER BONUS (not confuse with plunder).
 this are the current findings of ally plunder bonus.
More test and experimentation will help provide data to make this article more accurate.

This is suppose to be a small section in TZ Guide Game Mechanics.

In with special contribution by many people and still an early findings, it shall be a stand alone for us all to build upon.

Special thanks to  Scrim co-tester (spend 400 mil for the test)  TZ co-tester, xyz for meaningful reminders,  Kilroy test subject and  raven test subject.

Feel free to add on meaningful insights and comments. 

Any queries feel free to post me on my walls .
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Re: (TZ - Scrim) Insight on Plunder Bonus

Postby Rajang on Oct 11 2009, 9:51am

Nice job!
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Re: (TZ - Scrim) Insight on Plunder Bonus

Postby *Ryol (01) on Oct 11 2009, 9:57am

Holy crap... Soooo maannnnyy colloours *drools*
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Re: (TZ - Scrim) Insight on Plunder Bonus

Postby *xyz (01) on Oct 11 2009, 11:42am

Well done bro!
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Re: (TZ - Scrim) Insight on Plunder Bonus

Postby *jetfighter (01) on Oct 11 2009, 1:28pm

Brilliant 

i can verify the army cap, as after I destroyed a lv3 beastiery my ally plunder bonus dropped by 5-10k
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Re: (TZ - Scrim) Insight on Plunder Bonus

Postby Hansel on Oct 11 2009, 2:11pm

Good job scrim!
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Re: (TZ - Scrim) Insight on Plunder Bonus

Postby TZ- on Oct 11 2009, 9:59pm

Latest test show: after investing on a 100mil ally, my ally plunder bonus on  kilroy only rise by 100k

That is a 0.1% yield. The cap could possibly be a exponential ratio curve or I have reached my cap.
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Re: (TZ - Scrim) Insight on Plunder Bonus

Postby spudyman on Apr 6 2010, 6:51pm

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Re: (TZ - Scrim) Insight on Plunder Bonus

Postby Corinthian on Apr 22 2010, 6:29am

Someone is asking for plunder guides..continueing the hunt
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Re: (TZ - Scrim) Insight on Plunder Bonus

Postby Inquisitor on Apr 28 2010, 2:04am

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