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Re: Martial Arts

Postby SUPERUNKNOWN on May 5 2019, 9:34am

I dont think there is ultimately one best martial arts style. Most of the styles are good but whether you can really use it to it's full potential is done to the practicioner.

For example you won't wanna train in a soft style like wing chun if you are built like a rock nor would you wanna train in wrestling if you are tiny.

The best style is one that suits your build, your character and temperament.
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Re: Martial Arts

Postby Midget-Lover____ on May 5 2019, 1:44pm

Reilly Bodycomb Sambo look it up . He’s a bad mutha.
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Re: Martial Arts

Postby _----Kaiza----_ on May 5 2019, 2:21pm

Kimbo slice
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