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Larger Clans

Postby l_J_E_R_S_E_Y_l on Mar 18 2019, 1:41pm

Can we get the ability to run larger clans? I think a lot of clan owners/admins would like there to be more then 100 spots available. I think an option would to be making new clan spots available via gold. Apologies if someone made a similar thread as I didn’t see it.
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Re: Larger Clans

Postby LMABAO on Mar 18 2019, 2:06pm

If they did something like that you'd probably have to pay in nobs, or cash. Gold is too easy to get.
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Re: Larger Clans

Postby l_J_E_R_S_E_Y_l on Mar 18 2019, 2:25pm

Just throwing out one options there
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Re: Larger Clans

Postby ilili-Puddin-n-Tang-lillii on Mar 18 2019, 6:52pm

Most clans are nearly half empty as it is. Wc is full of *mostly* clan ads, begging for ppl to join them.
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Re: Larger Clans

Postby LordSavan on Mar 20 2019, 8:10am

Well, if you could get to 150 or so in a clan, you could feasibly do em fast enough that members didnt need to jump. May be a way to do something for clan loyalty...Kaw needs that.
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Re: Larger Clans

Postby SHL_BlightStrider_SHL on Mar 20 2019, 8:16am

Are there even enough players left in this game for this idea?
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Re: Larger Clans

Postby mellow on Mar 20 2019, 8:50am

foxes n ig have 120 slots
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Re: Larger Clans

Postby Aradus on Mar 20 2019, 8:51am

mellow wrote:foxes n ig have 120 slots

They’re the only exceptions. Doubt there’ll be anymore anytime soon...
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Re: Larger Clans

Postby KaWcaine on Mar 20 2019, 9:32am

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Re: Larger Clans

Postby Babycakez on Mar 20 2019, 9:33am

Would have to give ig and foxes 200 then if normal clans can have like 150
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