Kaw players being family.

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Re: Kaw players being family.

Postby Aradus on Feb 21 2019, 6:37pm

DevilsTriangle wrote:
Aradus wrote:
DevilsTriangle wrote:Leave a clan and tell me again about who is family ...lol

This comment wasn’t really needed, completely wrong message received...

What truth isn’t allowed? ...ask anyone who has ever left any clan how many of those “family” members still talk to them a month ...nay 3 months later ...

He isn’t referring to a family clan. He’s talking about those who have supported him, those who he has made real friendships with. People that pulled him out of what he thought was a bottomless pit of sadness.

There is a difference.
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Re: Kaw players being family.

Postby GreyEagle on Feb 22 2019, 4:02pm

SPIDER,,Prayers are with you BudKeep your Head up,She is always with you ,Heart & Soul
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Re: Kaw players being family.

Postby ___REDZEVWEN---- on Feb 22 2019, 4:06pm

SPIDER..What GreyEagle said my Friend:)
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