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Re: Gaw

Postby Joe_No_Mercy on Feb 17 2019, 6:19am

I've played ata games since the very beginning and gaw was always my personal favorite. Kaw became too much to handle, pimd was decent enough but the fact the plunder bonus scaled with energy was annoying and the player base for that game is absolutely horrid. Gaw was a great compromise between the casualness of pimd and the mechanics of kaw with it's own unique twists on things. I'd love for that game to come back.
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Re: Gaw

Postby G04T on Feb 17 2019, 7:00am

Reviving gaw, fc or creating a classic KaW style game would just split an already relatively small player base.
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Re: Gaw

Postby Majin_Venom on Feb 17 2019, 9:17am

Lonesong wrote:ok but what about meego

I only reach level 40 something. It gets very repetitive, would of been nice to add more features like PVP lol
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Re: Gaw

Postby NAT1501 on Feb 17 2019, 11:16am

Gays at war wasn't really appealing to me
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Re: Gaw

Postby Power_Trapz on Feb 17 2019, 3:16pm

AC__ShadowWraith__AC wrote:Money hungry huh?

Seems majority forget these games are a business hence they need to make money to keep them online and going.

If your complaint is solely about money maybe go play a war game that is pay to play..

i for one am impressed they have kept kaw very open to non paying and paying players alike. Winston has worked hard to try to accommodate both paying and non paying.

Next time try to offer constructive criticism aka issues with feasible possible solutions. Winston is watching and considering our solutions and has implemented some for example the tower pvp. So give him time, 1 person can only do so much.
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